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Faltu 11th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The Episode starts with Janardhan saying that it is not right for Ayan and Tanisha if Faltu stays here. Kanika says no, Ayaan is over Faltu now, she can’t come between Ayaan and Tanu, Tanu is sure. Faltu comes and says, sorry, I came to clean the room. He asks her to stay away. He scolds her. She apologizes to the servant. She plays cricket. She feels hungry. She takes out a packet of cookies and sits down to eat. Sid and Sumitra look on.

They try to stuff her ears against Ayaan. They offer help to Falt. Sid says I am surprised by your courage, you don’t take anyone’s favor, I respect you more, can we forget and be friends again? Faltu thinks. She says sorry but servant and boss can’t be friends, thanks for the food. Sumitra says to Sid, give her some time, take food, eat well and sleep. She hugs Falta and grimaces. Sid and Sumitra leave.

Faltu prays. She is sitting and eating food. They are watching. Ranok Faltu is playing cricket with a boy. Ayan wakes up after hearing some banging. He looks outside and sees how Falta is being beaten. The guy says that I won’t go after the ball, I’m tired. She says I must be tired because I am a girl and can’t play cricket. He says I did a mistake, girls can play cricket. Ayan smiles as he sees her showing the boy her trick. Ayan remembers her words. Savita asks Janardan to have breakfast. He says I can’t make investors wait. Falta hits the ball. The ball breaks the windshield of the car. Ayaan, Janardhan and Savita look on. She is worried. He says he will not leave us now. Guy says only you, I am running away. Janardhan asks who did this. Faltu says: I’m sorry. He says you have done this loss, I am also late, thanks, how did this guy enter. She says I had to do cricket, I had no one to play with. Tanisha comes. Janardhan asks Tanisha to listen. He scolds Falta.

Ayaan says we should understand how cheap people like her are. Janardhan says I will take cab and go. Ayan asks Savita to forget about it. Ayan says I don’t want to spoil the day. He is leaving. Tanisha asks why did you play here. Faltu asks what I can do. Tanisha says you will lose Ayan and cricket too. Savita complains about Falta. Tanisha asks Falta to have breakfast with them. Faltu says I will take it later. Tanisha says to come and eat first. Ayan comes and insults Falta.

He says tell her to go to the servants room and eat with them. Harsh asks what are you doing, she is here. Sumitra says we can’t bring them closer, our plan will fail. Savita asks the servant to take Falta for lunch. Faltu cries and leaves. Tanisha says she would feel bad. Sumitra says you used to support her, now you always insult her, what did she do to you. Savita says he is right in saying if she is a maid then she should know her place. Faltu sits down to eat. Sid sends a servant away. He says Faltu, I thought you will not eat after listening to Ayan. She asks why, I don’t insult food. Sid sits and talks to her. She says I will return the money and leave. She asks him to leave. Sid is leaving. She believes that I have no right to custody of Ayan. Falta cleans the house. She asks Dadi if she took medicine. Dadi doesn’t answer. She is looking for a charger for her mobile phone. She feels pain. Faltu asks what happened, are you fine. She calls everyone. Everyone approaches and asks what happened. Dadi says I m feeling short of breath. Savita asks them to call Janardan and the doctor. Ayan says doctor will come. Faltu asks where is your pain. Dadi says breast. Savita asks you are a doctor, go away. Faltu runs to the kitchen and makes a kadu. She asks Dadi to drink it. Ayan says my dad will not drink this. She says it won’t hurt. She feeds it to Dadi and asks how are you feeling now. Dadi says better.

Falta uses sindor. Tanisha sees this and argues with her. She says Ayaan is only mine. Ayan walks in and asks what is happening here.

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