An old video of the richest person in the world, Elon Musk, declaring that money has no power in and of itself has gone viral, with Elon Musk responding with a ‘yes’ on Sunday, hinting that he stands by his remark in the viral video. The viral video is from an interview in April of this year, just after Elon Musk revealed his plan to purchase Twitter, which has since been halted.

“People get confused sometimes they think an economy is a money. Money is a database for the exchange of goods & services. Money doesn’t have power in & of itself. The actual economy is goods & services” “In the video, Elon Musk stated.

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As the video resurfaced, several social media users remarked that only the world’s richest man could claim that money had no influence. Elon Musk was the world’s second richest person in 2021, after Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Elon Musk will be the richest person in the world in 2022, with a net worth of $219 billion.

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Elon Musk’s proposed Twitter partnership fell through when Musk canceled it due to the issue of bogus and spam accounts. Twitter filed a lawsuit against Musk.
Twitter won an early legal victory over Musk when the judge agreed to expedite the lawsuit. The trial date has been set for October.

Twitter has blamed Elon Musk for its recent loss of income, citing ‘advertising market headwinds as well as uncertainties relating to the imminent purchase of Twitter by an affiliate of Elon Musk’.

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