A big and happiest time has come in India. The whole of India is proud to get its first President Yesterday as NDA choice Droupadi Murmu. Yes, you heard right that we found our new president of India. She scooped up over 60 percent of the total vote value. Sadly, Opposition Yashwant Sinha admits defeat after three rounds of counting. We can think that this moment will be very special for her when the result had declared. We all know about the process to elect the president of India. If you are not aware of this then we will tell you below the article.

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what is the process of electing the president of India?

The election is organized in conformity with the system of proportional representation (PR) by means of the frequent-runoff voting (IRV) method. The election takes place by a confidential ballot system. The manner of election of the president is given by Article 55 of the constitution Each elector casts a various number of votes.

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When will Droupadi Murmu take an oath?

The new president of India Droupadi Murmu will take oath on 25 July after ending the tenure of president Ram Nath Kovind. She will take the oath and will take some promises. She will talk about her duties to India and to the public. As we know she is the 15th president of India and the second lady, who won the position of president of India. This is a proud moment for the whole of India.

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How many votes did Droupadi Murmu has gained to win the election?

According to the report, Draupadi Murmu got 64.03 percent of the total vote value after completing the 3 rounds of calculation. Yashwant Sinha completed up with the number of 35.97 percent. Droupadi gained 2,824 votes with a value of 6,76,803. On the other hand, Mr. Yashwant gained 1,877 votes with a value of 3,80,177. A value of 5,43,000 is essential to win.

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here is the list of presidents of India:

1 Rajendra Prasad 1950-1962
2 Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan 1962-1967
3 Zakir Hussain 1967-1969
4 VV Giri 1969-1974
5 Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed 1974-1977
6 Neelam Sanjiva Reddy 1977-1982
7 Zail Singh 1982-1987
8 Ramaswamy Venkataraman 1987-1992
9 Shankar Dayal Sharma 1992-1997
10 KR Narayan 1997-2002
11 APJ Abdul Kalam 2002-2007
12 Prathiba Patil 2007-2012
13 Pranab Mukherjee 2012-2017
14 Ram Nath Kovind 2017-2022
Now we can add the name of our new 15th president of India Droupadi Murmu to the 15th position.

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Furthermore, As we have told you that she is the second woman, who has gained this reputed position in India. The first woman president was Pratibha Patil, who got the reputed post of India and got a chance to handle the position. She will manage the highest post in India, it will be a big responsibility for her and we believe that Murmu will handle this smarty and with honesty.

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Let us tell you she got several messages of congratulations from several politicians. Amit Shah congratulated her on Thursday for her victory in the election of the president of India saying it is a special and great pride moment for India. Stay tuned for more updates.

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