Lone Wolf returning to The Gray Man sequel

After the Russo brothers’ The Gray Man was published on Netflix, many eyes were drawn to Indian star Dhanush, who acts as Lone Wolf, an assassin in the film. Lloyd Hansen, Chris Evans’ character, refers to him as “my sexy Tamil friend.” In an audio recording, the 39-year-old actor confirms his return to The Gray Man film world.

Dhanush published an Instagram image in which Lone Wolf chats to Sierra Six, played by Ryan Gosling. He informs the former CIA asset that they are both seeking the same person and requests that the resourceful American back down. Lone Wolf or Avik San informs him that if he arrives first, the individual will not be alive, and if Sierra Six arrives first, Lone Wolf will come after him.
The actor captioned it, “The Gray Man universe is expanding and the sequel is coming… Lone Wolf is ready, are you?”.

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The Dhanus captioned it, The Gray Man universe is expanding and the sequel is coming… Lone Wolf is ready, are you

The filmmaker team that earned their mark with Marvel Cinematic Universe films noted the extraordinarily enthusiastic response they’d had from Dhanush, with SMS messages requesting more of the lone assassin. With Anthony and Joe Russo’s world-building abilities as shown in the MCU, it’s not a reach to think they’d pull off a similar accomplishment with The Gray Man, but possibly not on the same scale.
They’d already suggested that they’d welcome Dhanush back, and the actor showed enthusiasm in returning, stating all the Russo brothers needed to do was pick up the phone and contact him.

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Dhanush also thanked Gosling for making him feel comfortable on set in an interview provided by Netflix, and the two have mutual respect for each other, as seen by their relationship on stage.
Lone Wolf built a name for himself in The Gray Man as an assassin with exceptional combat abilities, taking on both Six and Ana de Armas’ Dani Miranda. Later, he demonstrated his integrity by walking away from Hansen’s business, claiming that the individuals lacked honor.

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