Daria Dugina Cause of Death Daria Dugina Death

Daria Dugina died recently, according to reports on the Web. This is unexpected information. The Jeep of Philosopher Alexander Dugin’s daughter detonated in the village of Bolshaya Vyazemy in the Moscow area. Dugan’s death was recently reported on the web, and the news quickly spread on social network sites. Everyone was stunned by Daria Dugina’s abrupt death, and they are seeking more details about the news on the internet. We have additional facts concerning Dugain’s death that we will share with you in this piece, so let’s get started.

According to the story, the vehicle of the scholar Alexander Dugin’s daughter detonated in the town of Bolshaya Vyazemy in the Moscow area. The motorist died on the scene. Daria Dugina, who was inside the car at the moment of the blast, perished on the site, based on the spectator. According to Russian propagandists, the automobile explosion was caused by Daria Dugina’s attempt to murder her father. On the night of August 20, a Land Cruiser Prado was blown up on the outskirts of Moscow, revealing the daughter of Russian Philosopher and “racist” theorist Oleksandr Dugin Daria. The Baza Telegram Network stated this.

According to current details, this case happened in the Odintzevo Sector of the hamlet of Velikivyzemi, near Moscow. Darya Dugina, the car’s owner, was inside the cabin at the moment and is claimed to have perished there. Oleksandr Dugin, a Russian philosopher and fascist propagandist who founded the intellectual concept of “New Eurasianism,” is regarded as a theorist of “racist.” His tremendous effect on Russian President Vladimir Putin was stated by local media. More details about the event may be found by scrolling down the page.

As far as we understand, the blast in the car where Dugina was thought to be was at 10 p.m. The major version, murder, was supplied by Russian propagandists. It was also revealed that Oleksandr Dugin personally was located in the explosives car. Traffic in the breast region is currently restricted, and automobiles are being rerouted. Darya Dugina works in media, philosophy, and political science, just like her father. It was placed on the UK sanctions list in July 2022. We have given all of the details here; if we receive any additional details, we will communicate them with you as quickly as possible. Stay connected for additional information.

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