Ajay Nanda, spouse of Commonwealth Games bronze winner “Pooja Sihag,” died on Saturday, August 27, 2022, at his home due to unknown causes. The news of widespread discontent is spreading like wildfire on social media sites. As a result, several people are expressing their worry for her as she deals with the heartbreak of losing her spouse in such an unexpected way. Almost every person is supporting her at this difficult moment so that she may keep her strength to face the sorrow of having lost her sweetheart. Everything you desire to learn is available here.

According to exclusive news or experts, Ajay Nandal has not been identified with any serious health difficulties or an existing condition that may have afflicted him while declining. He was totally well till his dying breath, therefore his death is still a source of great debate among everybody. As a large number of people keep their eyes open in order to be informed of everything, law enforcement is also looking into the matter and seizing the location where he was discovered dead. So that no one can enter the room they are able to methodically solve the case upside down.

What Happened To Ajay Nandal?

According to reports, Ajay Nandal was discovered dead under strange circumstances at his Rohtak, Haryana house on August 27, 2022. Because there are no injuries or markings on his skin, the investigation has become more complicated for the officials. As the police force is working hard to uncover the truth, if someone is responsible for this, they will not allow the individual to go at any price. Because the topic has now become a sack of potatoes among everyone, with countless people demanding justice for him if someone was to blame for his untimely death.

Pooja Sihag, as everybody knows, is a fighter who won the bronze in the 76 kg division in the Commonwealth 2022. On the auspicious day event of Independence Day, she was also honored by the Haryana authorities for her achievements. She was paid roughly 57.5 lakh for making the entire country proud. However, she is currently grieving the loss of her spouse, which is a source of immense pain for her. As a result, we shall also pray that his soul RIP.

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