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The episode starts with Sanjay shouting that I didn’t kill children. Chandni says it was a dream. He says I don’t know you, whose house is this, I need to go home and meet my family. She says your house is under renovation, they have gone to pray for you. He says ok, I could not give time to Saroj, she wanted to go to Vaishnodevi. Chandni asks him for water. Everyone looks and cries. Sanjay thanks for taking care of me, I will go when they come back. She says this is your home, like your home, you leave when your family comes back. He thanks her. She cries and hugs Roshni. He asks why are you crying. She says we don’t have mom and dad. He says sorry. She says when I saw you, I felt you are my dad, can we hug you as our dad. He says sure, why not, my daughters will grow up and be like you, come. Chandni runs and hugs him.

Roshni hugs him and leaves. Chandni asks him to rest. She says I will make breakfast for you. Sanjay says paneer kulcha my Chandni likes and onion kulcha Roshni likes both. Dadi is crying. Chandni says I will make time, rest. Roshni says I don’t like going home. Nirbhai says don’t say that, he is your dad, I am far away from dad and miss him, now I have only his memories. She asks about his dad. He says he used to work in fire station and then went to Delhi for work, you and Chandni stay united, no problem can arise, I promise. They call him and ask, did you get the money, okay, count the money. She asks if everything is fine. He says yes, the supplier called, go home, I will meet you tomorrow, nothing bad can happen when you are with me. She says I am always with you. They hug and smile.

Manav says after police complaint no one will attack now, Raj has not been arrested, he has many political connections, he is Sumer’s right hand man. Raunak asks where is Roshni. Chandni says she went for the notes. Manav tells her to be careful. She thanks him. He says no formalities needed, I have to go, Diya is alone at home, Chandni just call me if you need my help. He leaves. Dadi goes to Sanjay. Channi thanks Raunak. He says I have seen many Telugu movies, you are no less than superwoman, I became your fan, I will go now, call me if you need help. She asks are you copying Manav. He says that I fulfill the duties of my neighbor, I will reach out to him, I love my neighbor. Saathiya… plays… He smiles and leaves. She thinks about him and smiles. Roshni comes home and says I went to urmi to take notes. Chandni says we have dad. Roshni says you are important for me. Chandni hugs her and thanks her. She says our relationship is strong, we don’t have any lies or secrets. Roshni thinks sorry, there is a secret, I know you will forgive me when I tell about Nirbhay. She is joking. They laugh.

They play with haldi. Dadi comes and apologizes to Chandni. Chandni thanks for this decision otherwise we would have never met dad. She hugs Dadi. Everyone plays with haldi. They laugh. Nani asks Chandni to get simple jutis while she comes. Chandni goes to buy jutis. Raunak comes and says he is robbing you, wait, I will show you my talent. He bargains for shoes. The man agrees to give the shoes for a smaller amount. He asks Chandni to come alone next time, Raunak bargains a lot. Raunak says we will go home now. Nirbhai calls Roshni and asks her to come soon to meet him. She agrees. He sees the ring to propose to her. Channi thanks Raunak. He says welcome.

She asks how you know all this. He says, because of my mother, she had a boutique, I worked there and I know about it, she is my hero. She says if you need help you can tell me. He says, of course, goodbye. She sees Roshni and thinks where she is going.

Nirbhay’s father comes to Sanjay’s house and is attacked. Chandni and Roshni argue about Nirbhay. Roshni says I love him.

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