A piece of big and shocking news has come on the web and taking the attention of the people on a high scale. This news is trending on several networking sites in a huge manner. The biggest-ever loan fraud case(Rs. 34000 crore) in India. The CBI has booked former promoters of DHFL. Dheeraj Wadhawan and Kapil Wadhawan, and 13 guiltiest for the betrayal of a consortium of 17 banks of over Rs 34,000 crore. Till now, the Nirav Modi-led PNB loan fraud of Rs 13,000 crore and ABG Shipyard loan fraud Rs 20,000 crore was studied to be the biggest. The news is grabbing the consideration of the people.

People have several questions regarding the news. This news has spread some questions in the mind of the people. People are wondering about the news. They trying to update themselves. This topic has become the most discussed topic. People are keen to know about the information. We have ready this topic to make you understand.

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DHFL fraud with which bank?

The agency, sources explained, is directing searches at 11 locations around the country at bounds identical to the accused. The has been registered by CBI on a complaint from Union Bank of India. This bank is the lead bank in the conglomerate. On the basis of the UBI complaint, since 2010. The credit facilities have been extended to credit around 42,000 crores by the consortium of which Rs 34,615 crore rest outstanding. The loan was announced by NPA in 2019 and scammed in 2020.


Which are the DHFL consortium banks?

A disputative audit conducted by the KPMG in 2020-2021 of Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. loan accounts observed that “huge amounts were exhausted as loans and approach by the company, who is known as the borrower to a number of inter-related entities and single with commonalities to DFHL promoter Entities, which were used for buy of shares/bonds.

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Why is Dheeraj Wadhawan’s name circulating?

Apart from Wadhawan’s, the Sudhakar Shetty has been booked by CBI, she is from Suhana Group and 10 other real estate companies. UBI has likely that the KPMG audit indicates “appropriate financial distortion, aberration of funds through in the connection parties. Fabrication of books to show counterfeit without existent retail loans. The round-tripping of funds and exertion amount for the creation of belongings by Sh. Kapil Wadhawan and Dheeraj Rajesh Kumar Wadhawan and their associates”. We have fetched many things to tell you about the vial news.

on the basis of 65 entities, Kapil Wadhawan has controlled about 40 entities by the manner of hiring directions and auditors accountants and managing income tax notices. Management creatural records of these entities and maintaining overall control over cash of these companies, the CBI FIR has likely.

The CBI has come across ‘Bandra Books’, which were handled by former Special VP Special projects DHFL, assisted by Sangeeta Amin, Jayesh Khona, and Priya Naik. In an individually accounting software, dummy names of non-existing retail loans were recorded. We have made this article with the appropriate knowledge about the scam. Stay tuned for more updates.

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