Bodycam footage shows Jeff German murder suspect Robert Telles’ 2020 arrest

According to new Las Vegas police body camera evidence, Robert Telles, 45, the Las Vegas public official suspected of murdering journalist Jeff German, was jailed for domestic abuse in March of 2020. These details are based on freshly available videos of the event. When Telles was arrested, she was being held on accusations of domestic abuse and resisting arrest.

The video depicts a belligerent Robert Telles intoxicatedly trying to fight the officers when cops attempt to hold him in custody at his home. As per accounts, the incident happened one year after Telles was chosen as Clark County’s public manager.

The Review-Journal obtained a 911 call tape in which Telles’ wife, Ismael, is seen informing the operator that her spouse had had too much drink and was “going crazy.”

On September 2, 2022, Telles viciously attacked Jeff German, an investigative writer for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, after the reporter exposed in a scathing piece that Telles, a public manager, had misused his authority in office by harassing individuals and favoritism. German had written the byline for the essay. Telles has been held at the Clark County Detention Facility since September 7th, when he was apprehended.

Based on the Review-Journal, 2 years before killing Jeff German, Robert Telles was jailed on domestic abuse delegation after reportedly grabbing his wife, Ismael, around in the neck and hitting her arm on their way home from the Bellagio in Las Vegas. The event is believed to have happened on its way back home from the Bellagio.

Bodycam footage shows Jeff German murder suspect Robert Telles’

She then contacted 911 and asked the operator to dispatch officers to the location of the event. Telles was apprehended immediately after the cops arrived at their home.

In the footage, Robert Telles appears to be inebriated as he slurs his words while being led to the police vehicle near his home.

Telles maintained his claim that he was the victim of a nasty defamation operation while the cops searched the car for any harmful thing that may have been hidden inside.

Telles, who seemed befuddled after being arrested and thrown in the backseat of a patrol vehicle, asked the officials about the reason for his incarceration.

While being detained, Ismael told the officers about the incidents that occurred after they got home from gambling. According to the Review-Journal, Robert Telles cried “kill me!” after consuming too much wine, and his spouse and two kids closed up in a room to save himself from him.

According to the police statement, when she contacted 911, Telles gripped her in a “bear hug” and declined to let go till her kids yanked her out from him. This data was part of the research.

As a consequence of talks, the claims of domestic abuse leveled against Robert Telles were finally dismissed on September 30, 2020. Telles was also sentenced to 90 days in prison which was deferred when she tried to run away, as reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. He was forced to pay penalties and attend classes to learn how to handle connections and deal with the anxiety that comes with it.

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Before being accused of the murder of a reporter who exposed Robert Telles’ relationship, he was detained for assaulting his spouse and resisted police in an alleged case. In Las Vegas, Robert Telles is a Democratic official. Telles, 45, was arrested on March 1, 2020, after his wife phoned the Police about 11 p.m. the evening before, sparking an inquiry that resulted in his capture. Mae Ismael told authorities that she and Telles had been spending the night at the Bellagio casino when Telles grew inebriated and started arguing with her. Telles, a Clark County public manager, was suspected of seizing his wife by the throat and punching her arm when she started driving them home, as per police statements acquired by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Furthermore, it was claimed that he tried to smash things while driving.

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