Blue Jays Fan Viral Video On Twitter And Reddit, Blue Jays Fans Caught Video

A lot of spectators looked uninterested in what was happening at the Rogers Centre, in which the Toronto Blue Jays were playing the Chicago Cubs since they were too busy having fun.

A video viral on the internet depicts Blue Jays supporters in an extremely exposing posture inside a stadium, for they were detained for the suspected s*xu@l act.

One of the filtered videos shared on the Twitter handle @blogTo reveals the pair in the seats on one of the stadium’s sides. The woman is having a wonderful time while being seated on the man.

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One footage captures the same pair in the same situation, but with at least three members of the cops and stadium staff immediately approaching them, presumably to terminate their time and get them out of the field.

They were escorted from the site, based on the footage, but no charges were made.

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As per TMZ, they called the authorities on Tuesday to obtain a report on the situation, but no details were provided.

The Blue Jays won 5-4 in an 11-inning match in which Chicago held a 4-run advantage in the 6th inning, but the local nine gained 3 runs in the 7th, one additional in the 8th, and signed their triumph in the 11th.

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