Bigg Boss 16 Today’s Episode 4th October 2022: Sajid Khan Argument With Shalin

Hello, Bigg Boss 16 fans! We are now here with amazing updates regarding your beloved and very controversial TV reality program Bigg Boss16, as the 4th October 2022 episode is delivering the high-voltage power drama as well as some events that will undoubtedly make you feel out of your element.

Although as soon as the program begins to gain popularity, the competitors get anxious to outperform one another. So the nominations were completed in the previous episode, and they now desire to protect themselves, they must act.

The next episode opens with cute Abdu Rozik attempting to relieve everybody’s tension by swimming in the pool while dressed in the costume and inviting the roommates to join him. Only Archna appears as she encourages him to swim, and the manner he dips and swims appears to be intimidating.

As a result, Archna compliments him, saying that she has become a lover of his swimming since he is accomplishing things in a way that is both overpowering and beautiful to see, even though he thanks her for coming to support him.


The nominations have now captured everyone’s attention, as six participants have been nominated for the picture-burning challenge.

Yes, you read it correctly, MC Stan, Guatam, Gori Nagori, Archana, Shiv, and Sajid Khan are presently nominated and will struggle to avoid elimination as just a few days remain till the adventure of one is through.

As a result, they must now amuse the public in order to collect votes from the public, as only voting can rescue them now, and the trip of a single person will be completed over the weekend.

Throughout the latest nominations, there has been a gap of confusion between the competitors, as they are no longer able to trust anybody since all those candidates took their names and have no resentment. As a result, many debates and debates are always going place in the program, as Sajid and Shalin Bhanot argue.

As per Sajid Khan, it was improper since he took his name while addressing him as his brother, and he retaliates as well. To see it on Colors at the appropriate time, and for additional information, stay connected to us and follow Alltrendyposts.

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