Bigg Boss Written Update

Bigg Boss 16 is one of the most popular reality shows on TV right now, and it’s coming to an end soon. Fans of the show are very excited for today’s episode, as they know it’s going to be more fun and amazing. All the contestants are doing their best to win the Bigg Boss 16 trophy, and they are all eager to see what the episode holds.

The show airs on the Colors TV channel and is currently running well. Now all fans are waiting for Tuesday’s episode. When it starts, the contestants wake up to sirens and go to the garden area to sing the BB anthem. Afterwards, Shalin Bhanot sat down with Mandali and joked that if he dressed as MC Stan, he’d be beaten to death by his peers.

Nimrit Kaur then stood up against Shalin and said it was because MC Stan had stolen goods. She argued that Stan would even take Sarin’s clothes off, while Shiv Takare and Sarin tried to calm her down by saying they’re not comparing Sarin to Shiv. Bigg Boss then called all the contestants into the living room and announced them after being accused of bias.

Bigg Boss wanted to let the contestants’ abilities speak for themselves, to determine who can avoid being eliminated. All the roommates were confused when Bigg Boss told them that each contestant must count to nine minutes, and that the contestant closest to nine minutes will win the task and avoid being eliminated.

That concludes the episode, so don’t forget to watch the full episode 16 of Bigg Boss on Colors TV. It’s sure to be an exciting and entertaining episode, as the contestants battle it out to win the Bigg Boss 16 trophy. Stay tuned to for more updates on the show.

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