Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022 Written Update

We’re going to provide you with a written update on the most well-known program, Bigg Boss. This demonstrates how we compete for high television ratings. The show’s finalist round has had a number of competitors. As far as we are aware, Colors TV has already shown the premiere of Bigg Boss 16.

This program is well-known. People are excited to learn about the Bigg Boss program since it has a huge fan base. Bigg Boss was eagerly anticipated by his admirers. The news will teach you many things.

The upcoming episode will be excellent and enjoyable, according to the promotional trailers. This performance will be excellent and amazing.

The Bigg Boss will be heard on tape saying that the entire house is under his authority, that everyone must abide by the rules, and that excellent players have been selected. To learn more about Bigg Boss, continue scrolling down the page.

According to the promotional videos, you can expect to watch all of the finalists dance throughout the performance around 8 am, which is when people typically get up.

Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022

As you’ll see on the broadcast, Bigg Boss will declare that this was the final wake-up song and that everyone must sing the Bigg Boss anthem in 5 minutes. After receiving this news, they will become anxious and depressed. After 15 years, this rule has been breached. We all get the music ready.

You will observe in the program that Nimrit will be the program’s first-ever visible captain. She will be informed by Bigg Boss that she is the first captain of the program.

He will declare that he will keep a watch on Nimrit and that the phone will ring if he discovers any errors made by the captain. Bigg Boss will be immediately removed from his captaincy, making it obvious that the captain may be removed at any time.

After hearing this, everyone is startled. Bigg Boss asserts that everyone must abide by his instructions if he issues them. Furthermore, Abdu will be seen asking Bigg Boss for a brief delay. Then Vinit arrives and requests to wait there while claiming to be a visitor to our nation.

It is quite amusing to observe. The program has a lot of comedy and drama. At 9:30 on Colors TV, the entire show will be available. Visit Alltrendyposts for more latest updates.

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