Here we will share a written update of the most famous show Big Boss 16 12 October 2022. This is running with a good TRP. This show made a good fan following among people. Bigg Boss 16 is causing lots of controversy among people. Bigg Boss is the show where you see drama, fighting, love, and friendship.

This show made a big fan following among people and here you see several celebrities on the show and they take participate and enjoy the show. We see all the contestants follow the rules and regulations. Salman is the host of the show and he has been the host of all the seasons of Bigg Boss.

We have seen in this season all the contestants are superb and doing amazing things on the show. You will see the latest episode will be very interesting and entertaining. All the contestants wake up. You will see Archna and Nimrit will fell into an argument. Archna will say don’t open the door because mosquitos come and hurt. Priyanka says to Archna that mosquitos bite her not there but here. Nimrit interrupts and says if anyone gives sarcastic remakers then she will also not leave that one.

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Archna calls her blood black and she says that her blood is not black and doesn’t call it black. Archana says why is she interrupting unnecessarily because she was talking to Priyanka. Nimrit says her voice pinch us too much in the morning. You will see this in the show that Shekhar will come in Bigg Boss and he will say that all are connected with each other because of a reason. He explains everything and every relationship and he says he has to watch it with the focus on understanding their relationship and he got then them instantly change their relationship.

On the basis of the other promo videos, You will see Shalin, Tina, and Abdu sitting at the breakfast table. Shlain asks what is happening then Tina replies that love happening. Shalin says about the Ex. She says she loves Abdu and Abdu says he loves her more, They enjoy the funny moment. The latest episode will be very thrilling because all the guests are playing well and they are doing their best in the show to win the show. Stay tuned for more updates.

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