Here we are going to share a written update of the most famous show Big Boss 16 12 October 2022. This is running with a good TRP. This show made a good fan following among people. Bigg Boss 16 is making lots of controversy among people. Bigg Boss is the show where you see drama, fighting, love, and friendship.

This show made a big fan following among people and here you see several celebrities on the show and they take participate and enjoy the show. We see all the contestants follow the rules and regulations. Salman is the host of the show and he has been hot all the season of Bigg Boss.

We have seen several changes happen in Bigg Boss16. The wake-up song will not ring. They have to sing the Bigg Boss anthem. You will see this show will be outstanding and entertaining.

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We have seen in this season all the contestants are superb and they are doing amazing things on the show. You will see this in the latest episode. You will see it in the show. you will see in the show all the contestants will run for the bell and you will see that all of Gautam will ring the bell first. Shiv will be disqualified because of his mistake you will see that Gautam will play well for the captaincy.

You will see that Nimirit will fight with Priyanka. Yes, you will see the catfight in the show. Nimirit will ask her not to talk about personal things then Priayanks says you should also understand this same thing.

You will see Gautam then tells Shalin that Tina cares for him so Shalin starts giving one-to-one attention to her. At that exact time, Gautam says he has paired Tina and Shalin’s room together so they can bond more. On the other hand, Shalin gets excited and feels it is college-like love for him with Tina and says he and Tina had a lot of good conversations last night.

You will see Gautam sit with Tina his arm over her shoulder to tease Shalin over breakfast. He says why Tina understands him more than Shalin ever could just for fun. It is simply occurring in front of his eyes while Tina tries to hide her laugh. Sumbul smirks at Shalin enjoys the Masti at the time of eating her food and Gataum says to Shalin that Tina is his. You can watch the entire episode on Colors Tv at 10:00 PM.

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