Babushaan, Actress Prakruti Mishra Assaulted By Former’s Wife In Odisha Capital.

On Saturday, Ollywood superstar Babushaan and actress Prakruti Mishra were beaten in public by the former’s wife in Odisha’s capital Bhubaneswar.
In the popular social media footage, Babushaan’s wife can be seen halting a car in which her husband is driving and Prakruti is sitting alongside him. The specific location and timing of the occurrence are yet unknown.

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Trupti, Babushaan’s wife, is seen furious, roughhousing the actor and actress, yanking Prakruti’s hair, and even pursuing her. Prakruti may be seen getting out of the SUV and walking around the road, folding her hands, and potentially hailing an autorickshaw. Though the motives for this occurrence are unknown, it is widely assumed in many circles that Babushaan is dealing with home troubles that have shown themselves in public. Nobody has lodged a police complaint.
Trupti is heard accusing Prakruti of “ruining her family life” and “attempting to snatch away her spouse.” “She (Trupti) has gone insane,” Prakruti is heard saying.

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Babushaan, the son of Uttam Mohanty and Aparajita, married his childhood friend and lifelong lover Trupti Satpathy in 2014. Babushaan has appeared in over 40 films and has had some significant blockbusters in Bollywood. He is also a playback vocalist and a producer.

People who observed the famous couple’s quarrel recorded it and shared it on social media, sparking concern that all is not well inside Odisha’s top celebrity family. Trupti and Babushaan have a kid.

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