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Anupama 9th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Dajal breaks down seeing Anupama. Anupama consoles her. Kinjal asks if something will happen to Toshu. Anupama assures that nothing will happen to Toshu and asks her not to lose hope. Anuj comes back from the doctor’s cabin and informs that all the reports are not back yet and the doctors will be able to diagnose the problem better when the reports come. Vanraj breaks next. Anuj consoles him and assures him that they won’t let anything happen to Toshu. A doctor passes by and says that he can draw a conclusion only before morning. The next morning, Anuj makes pancakes for Little Anu while talking to Anupama on the phone and asking about Tosha’s health. Little Anu comes to him with her school project and asks about Anu. Anuj says Toshu is sick so she is in hospital. Little Anu prays for Tosh’s speedy recovery and asks who will help her finish her school project now. Anuj says he will, checks the project and says it is complicated. Little Anu says mom would easily finish it. Maya approaches her and says that her mother will help her finish her project. Little Anu feels happy.

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