Here we are going to share a written update of the latest episode. In the newest episode, Anupama welcomes Kinjal’s baby instead of getting emotional. Anupama says she is doing. Everyone receives the baby together. Anupama says she is very precious and special in baby’s ears. She adds Anuj will come to see her soon. Kavya in baby’s ear says Leela is a little rude but she is good as well. She asks Baby to love her more than anyone. Leela asks what Anupama and Kinjal are whispering in the baby’s ear. She asks her Kinjal and baby to let her enter.

Anupama talks about another ritual with the baby. She says each member will wave to the baby with a peacock feather. Meenu asks why. Anupama says it is a ritual. Samar says someone should flap feathers over Paritosh as he looks stressed. Paritosh says he is fine. Rakhi sees him and gives him a look to her recall the conversation. Anu asks Kinjal if she can touch the baby. Leela stops Anu. Vanraj asks Anu to be with him. Anupama asks Kinjal and Paritosh to sit on the swing. She asks Rakhi to give the baby to Paritosh so that they can begin the ritual. Rakhi think rituals are essential for the baby thus she came. She moreover decides to take Kinjal and the baby with her post the rituals are getting done.

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Anupama ask Rakhi to give Rakhi baby to Paritosh but she give the baby to Kinjal. Shahs stand shocked. They confront Rakhi about giving the baby to Kinjal instead of Paritosh. She asks the family to do a ritual fast then she will take both of them to her house. Vanraj says what the reason is to take the baby and Kinjal home. She asks that she wants to spend time with her. Vanraj asks her not to create drama here today is a lucky day. He adds to let Kinjal and baby get settled and then she can take Kinjal.

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Kinjal also requests Rakhi to let her stay back. Anupama asks Pakhi to start the ritual by giving the baby to Pratiosh. Rakhi gives the baby. Shahs perform the ritual with the baby. Samar performs the ritual with Kinjal and the baby. Samar makes the call to Anuj and asks if rituals are done. He notices that Vanraj and Anupama are standing together and Anuj get anxious. At shahs house, Barkha and Ankush think to take benefit of the situation. On the other hand, Rakhi taunts Paritosh to be responsible. Anupama decides to find the truth Rakhi is hiding.

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