Here we are going to share written updates of the most famous show Anupama. This show is running with the great TRP on television. The show is outstanding and entertaining. It has an amazing story, which is totally based on a woman’s life. The latest episode starts with Anuj saying to Anupama that Adhik understood and surely he will make Pakhi understand as well. He says both children are understanding and they will understand the point of view of their elders. Anu decides to talk with Pakhi. Adhik says he has no idea about wring and right they should hear the voice of the heart. Leela tries to know to whom Pakhi is talking. Pakhi says she went washroom and next time she will not close the door. Leela tries to stalk Pakhi.

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Anuj helps Anu to remove her jewelry. He makes her sleep. Pakhi and Adhik are in the thought of each other. Leela sleep next to Pakhi. Anuj cheers Anu. He tries to change Anu’s mood by dancing. Anu also dances with him. She thanks Anuj for bringing a smile to her face. Anuj says he made her smile so that he can breathe easily. Anu offers tea Anuj. Anuj tells Anu that Kinjal is fine. He asks if she talks to Pakhi. She replies that Pakhi was getting ready for College. She thinks about Vanraj’s anger and wishes to keep calm. Hasmukh asks Leela to be calm. Pakhi tells Kinjal that she is going to college.

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Leela says Pakhi that she was in a for long. Pakhi gets angry and asks Leela to set the timer in the washroom. Samar asks her to behave well. Vanraj decides to drop Pakhi. Kava says to Vanraj that he is reacting very much. Vanraj decides to control Pakhi. Anu write a note for Anuj. Barkha gets surprised to know about the note and asks about the note. Anupama says in a busy life they forget several things to share and this note helps us. She says to Barkha to write a note for Ankush. Barkha tries to convince Anu to begin her own boutique. Anu cheers Barkha for this. Barkha says that investment is very important to starting a business. Anu asks her to make a proposal. Barkha gets angry. Adhuik listens to their conversation.

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Adhik discloses to Barkha his plan. He tells that he is using Pakhi as a ladder to get his position. Adhik asks for Barkha’s support in his mission. Samar informs Anu that he went to drop Pakhi at the college. He asks Anupama to come to the academy. Anuj asks Anu to drop her at the Academy. Anupama smiles and then she gets shocked to see Pakhi and Adhik together. Adhik takes Pakhi to the cafe. Both share a talk with each other. Adhik impresses Pakhi to tell her that he can’t live without Pakhi. Pakhi also agrees with him. Adhik says he will never leave her hand. Anupama comes to the cafe and surprises Adhik and Pakhi.

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