Here we are going to share the big news with you that Anupama is a famous and popular show. This
has gained outstanding popularity among people. People love to watch this show. The latest episode starts with Anuj saying to Anupama that she always handles the situation like this. He decided to be at Anupama’s side and he says that he can fight also but Vanraj and Anu’s right is more to take the decision for Pakhi. He feels helpless in Adhik and Pakhi’s matter. Vanraj says sorry to Pakhi. He says she is not mature and this is just infatuation with Adhik’s lifestyle. Vanraj says he will try hard to her best education and find an eligible boy. He decides to distance Pakhi from Kapadia. Pakhi wakes up post-Vanraj and goes from there.

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Anupama says nowadays Children are getting influenced by social media. She says that parents are also responsible to destroy their kids. Anu says Pakhi will listen if talked politely. Anuj says they can understand their kids but Vanraj will not understand, who will make him understand. Anu says he has an equal right to Pakhi. Anuj says to her that she can confront Adhik because she has also rights. They both decide to support each other in this situation. He comforts Anu and cheers her up. They walk to hold each other hands. Anu says thanks to her for being her strength. Anuj thanks Anupama for becoming a life partner.

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Samar gives tea to Vanraj. He says to Vanraj that their relationship is improving because he was right. He says today he was not right. Vanraj says what would he do if another person would have done the exact with him. He replies that Anupama taught him to do right and support the right thing then the person doesn’t matter. Anupama confronts Adhik about his relationship with Pakhi. Barkha asks Anupama not to be tensed and she gas-talked Adhik, and he will maintain the distance with Pakhi. Adhik raises his voice to support his and Pakhi’s friendship. He says that they have just started liking each other and nothing else.

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Anupama asks Adhik why had he taken Pakhi to the room. Adhik and others get shocked. Anu says one should think about the family. She says to Adhik to concentrate on her career, not these things. She says every parent wants to see their child successful. She says that friendship is not bad and wrong but they should go slowly. Anupama asks Adhik to make distance from Pakhi and he should with her as she as she isn’t going to understand anyone from now. She asks being good friends they should support each other in growing.

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Anu asks to Adhik if he didn’t feel bad because of her words. Adhik says to her that he will make sure to complete all things, which she said. Additionally, he says he will not meet Pakhi alone. Pakhi talks with Adhik and she asks him not to create distance himself from her. Pakhi confessed that she has feelings for him. Leela decides to stalk Pakhi. Pakhi and Adhik decide to hide that they meeting each other because they are not understanding them.

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