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Anupama 7th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Anupama shakes bangles with Maya as a sign of respect for womanhood. Kavya and all the other women including Leela join her and all shake their bangles. Ankush feels anxious hearing the bangle sound and asks him to stop it. Anupama says it is strange that a few men do not hear the sound of a woman’s bangle but ignore their cries. Maya sincerely thanks Anupama and all the women and says that she thought they would hate her after knowing her truth, but instead they respected her. Kinjal says a mother sacrifices a lot for her child, she ignored her mother’s sacrifice and will never forget it from now on. Pakhi says even she insulted her mom but from now on she will respect her. Barha says she failed to become a perfect mother, she considers Adhik as her son, he became a perfect son, but she failed to become a perfect mother. She apologizes to Adhik for not supporting him when he needed her support. Leela says Anupama has become a mother but she could have become her mother. Dimple says that even she could not appreciate her parents. Kavya says they all make mistakes and can’t consider Maya’s mistakes as sins, now she respects Maya more as she is a businesswoman and a helpless mother.

Each member of the family continues to praise Maya in their own words. Sushma says Maya fought for 7 years, today her wait is over and she can proudly say that her daughter is hers. Anuj gets upset hearing this. Little Anu walks in and asks what is going on here. Maya says it’s little Anu’s birthday. Is little Ana asking without her? Anupama says it is for Little Anu. Leela blesses Anupama so that her curse does not work and Little Anu chooses Anupama not because Maaya is good but because Anupama is the best.

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