Anupama Written Episode Update

Leela goes to the stage in today’s episode. GK claims that Leela gave the prize last year and that it is now the other way around. Hasmuk and Jignesh both nod. Leela receives an award from Anupama. Anuj and Anupama kneel before Leela. Dolly notices the situation and remarks, “Whoever is decent in himself is nice in others.”

Leela is asked to speak a few words by the host. Leela stands forward and explains that even though she had many disagreements with Anupama, she considers herself to be her daughter. She claims she is not Anupama’s mother-in-law, but they do have a bond. Anupama will provide drama, says Barkha to Ankush. She requests that we wait and observe.

Leela addresses Anupama as her daughter. Sheila and Sarla tell Leela not to lie. Leela had previously tormented Anupama, as everybody knows. Sarla points out that Paritosh is doing exactly the same thing with Kinjal, which is why the latter is divorcing him. Shahs are dumbfounded. Leela becomes enraged with Sheila and Sarla. Sheila urges Leela not to raise her voice since they can all yell.

Leela, Sheila, and Sarla disagree. Hasmuk and Vanraj request that they not argue. Anupama takes a position and requests that Sheila and Sarla not fight on her behalf because she is capable of raising her voice. She requests that people refrain from passing judgment on her connection with Leela.

Anuj and Anupama want that the event is celebrated rather than fought over. According to Anupama, there is no house where an argument does not occur. She requests to proceed. Anupama dances on Mor Bani Thanghat Kare. Anuj is transfixed. He progresses to DJ.

Shahs and Anupama perform dandiya. Paritosh has joined us. Anupama and Paritosh play dandiya fiercely. Paritosh is defeated. Anupama pulls Paritosh aside and warns him. Vanraj pulls Paritosh aside and tells him to behave or he would cut relations with him as well. He also begs Paritosh to wait until the conclusion on him is finalized. Vanraj wants Paritosh to avoid Pari as well. Paritosh claims that he will make his own life decisions. He becomes enraged.

Shahs likes garba and dandiya. Rakhi is responsible for Pari. Pakhi and Adhik vanish. Vanraj is on the lookout for Pakhi and Adhik. Adhik requests that Pakhi allow him to kiss her since she is stunning. Pakhi is adamantly opposed. Adhik requests that Pakhi not hinder him.

Vanraj discovers Pakhi and Adhik playing dandiya independently. Kinjal, Anupama, and Shahs do a performance. Anupama begs God to keep all of it in order. Pari disappears. Anupama and Kinjal are concerned.

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