Anupama 5 July Written Updates

Here we are sharing a written update for the most watchable show Anupama. This is running with the good TRP on television. People follow this show with craziness. They curiously wait for the next episode. The show has an outstanding and delightful story. You will see it in a 5th July 2022, episode, that Leela raises queries on Pakhi and Adhik’s friendship. Pakhi defends herself and she admitted her friendship with Adhik. Vanraj says in India such things are not acceptable. Pakhi argues and says that extramarital affairs and marriage at 50 are fine but a normal friendship between two young people is not acceptable.

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Paritosh says that their friendship is not acceptable. Pakhi says he can marry his girlfriend by escaping. Samar can have a girlfriend and he found the support of everyone but no one is supporting her. She agrees that Adhik was the reason for her adamant behavior to go to Anupama’s place. When Pakhi mentions that she likes Adhik. Adhik also says the same. All the members get shocked after hearing this. Vanraj goes mad at Pakhi. Anupama asks Vanraj to stop shouting and let them think about the next step. Vanraj says he doesn’t want to see Adhik ruining Pakhi’s life.

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Anupama says that Pakhi is her daughter as well. Vanraj says to Anupama to do something about the matter. Rakhi gets happy to see the whole drama. Anuj gives his support to Anupama and says Adhik and Pakhi are adults and they are feeling for each other and this is very normal. He asks Vanraj to be cool and says to him that he should show Pakhi and Adhik the right path to be calm. PAkhi stands with Adhik. Rakhi adds the oil to the fire and congratulates Kapadia for fixing another relationship with Shah.

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Kinjal asks her mother to leave the place or else she will do wrong something. Leela and Anu ask Kinal to go for the rest. Anu asks Pakhi that she should also go to her room. Pakhi don’t go and denied Anupmapa’s instruction. She asks If Vanraj’s affair was right and Anu’s marriage is right then why is her friend not right. Samar says to Paki that can she wait for the right time for this mess up. Pakhi says why she should wait for the correct time. Anu gives the answer to her and says that she can’t talk about Vanraj but she can justify it.

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She defends her love for Anuj and asks her first to settle in her career then she took the step. Anu asks Pakhi if she knows what she is the gaol in her life. She Kapadia’s for fixing another relationship with Shah. Anu asks her to go inside. Vanraj also says Pakhi to go inside. Pakhi says no to going inside until Adhik asks the former to leave the place. Vanraj insults Kapadia’s Anupama and asks Anuj Ankush, and Barkha to go back home. Vanraj says that Anu is responsible for this drama. Barakah irked and show her anger at Adhik for liking Pakhi. Anju and Sara ask the truth and then he accepts his friendship with Pakhi. Anu gets concerned. Samar says her don’t take tension as they will handle the situation together.

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