Anupama Written Episode Update

The 4th of October 2022 episode of Anupama opens with Anupama and Anuj disputing the accusations made against them after learning that they neglected Anu.

Anupama and Anuj abuse Anu, according to Paritosh, who arrives and claims that he was the one who filed the complaint.

Anu clings to her parents and sobs as the officials attempt to remove her from Anupama and Anuj because she can’t stand to be separated from them.

When the officials see Anu sobbing, they decide against hauling her away and leaving the residence.

After what he did today, Anupama approaches Paritosh and tells him she will forget she is his mother.

Later, the family members come together to dance and have a good time as the Navratri celebrations begin.

Anuj falls in love with Anupama once more as she dances gracefully while wearing pots on her head.

Someone approaches Pari’s cradle in the middle of the celebration and picks her up in their arms.

Anupama finds an empty cradle as she approaches Pari and becomes alarmed as she and Rakhi look for her.

Anupama discovers a note in the crib and reads it with horror in her eyes.

Has Pari escaped with Toshu?

When Anupama learns about Pari, how will she treat Kinjal?

To view the most recent complete Anupama episode online today (4 October 2022) or to download all of the episodes, click here.

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