Here we are going to share a written update of Anupama on the 4th of July. This show is very popular among people. People love to watch this show. The show is running with the top TRP on television. According to the promo video, a new thrilling drama is going to be started. You will see in the episode Rakhi provokes Barka against Anupama. She says she heard Kapdia Empire is Anupama’s name now. She says it is very weird that Jethani is present but Devari will handle the keys to the house. Barkha says it doesn’t matter. Rakhi says it matters a lot how can a Devrani handle the keys, this is the right of a Jethani. Rakhi says that she meets her ex-husband very easily in front of her husband. Barkha says Shaha is a loving family.

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Barkha says they are Gujrat’s biggest fraud and says Leela and Husmukh are an ideal couple but once upon a time Leela Kicked Hasmukh out of the house. They left Anupama for Kavya. However, still, the whole family sings Anupama’s name. Barkha says her not speak badly for a woman being herself a woman. Rakhi doesn’t stop here she tells about Malvika and Vanraj’s infatuation. Rakhi says she is just trying to alert her.

Barkha says issues are very normal in every family. It is also part of the family. Rakhi says she already tolerates these things now she is alerting to save her hand. She advised her t be careful. Anupama needs everything in her kitty from the whole shah family to the whole Kapadias and everyone around her. Anupama comes and hears their conversation and she needs everything wrong if she is maintaining a line and balance.

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She feels that every woman should learn how to handle her personal life and professional life. The relationship also matters and she should also balance her relationship. She added that they are also her dear ones and they can’t lose anyone. She asks them to join the ritual saying that it is going to start. She lived but they get stunned after hearing her.

Both families play a game where each picks a chit with a number, Kinjal will spin a wheel. The numbers comes will have a special relationship with the baby. They play the game by connecting themselves to the baby. At last, KInjal says that she wants Anupama to give her Morales to her baby. She says that she wants to raise her with the values of Anupama. Anupama says that the baby needs a maternal and paternal grandmother’s love and care. Anu says that Rakhi Scrificed spending time with Kinjal to give her a good life.

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Rakhi Gets emotional, however, she is trying to tarp in her prison with her sweet talks. Barkha offers her water. Rakhi says they can do something better with each other if they unite and extends a friendly hand. Barkha sees her family and that they are getting involved with Anupama with happiness. Finally, Barkha gets ready together. Samar plays DIdid Tera Dewar Deewana.. song. Anupama says this song doesn’t suit the situation. You will see that Leela will taunt Rakhi, Jignesh flirting with her. The show will be outstanding and delightful. Now Barkha and Rakhi are about to do something. Now let’s see what is going on in their mind because Rakhi always wants to see Drama in the Shah’s and Anupama’s life. Now let’s see what will happen next in the show. Stay tuned for more updates.

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