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Anupama 3rd February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Anuj sits for the havan pooja for Little Anu and thinks that Maaya has knowledge and sanskars but it was all lip service and didn’t reach her heart, otherwise she would have asked Anupama before organizing the yagna, she didn’t even think it was important to inform everyone in advance and just ordered everyone to sit down. Anupama appeals to God that she doesn’t want to take away another mother’s rights and doesn’t even want to lose her rights, so she wants blessings and whatever is right for her daughter. Little Anuj sits on Anuj’s lap. Seeing this, Maya is upset. Pandiji says havana ritual is over and asks everyone to come up to protect the aarti. Little Anu performs aarti. Maya joins her. Seeing this, Anuj feels jealous. After the pooja, Anuj offers dakshina/fee to Panditji. Pandiji takes only 1 rupee and says that Maya always pays dakshina on her birthday every year. Little Ana asks on her birthday? Panditji says Maya offers dakshina every time. Anuj asks Panditji to accept dakshina from him and Anupama. Panditji looks at Maya and takes dakshina after getting her permission.

Maya apologizes to Anuj and Anupama for organizing the havana without their permission. Anupama says she did the right thing as no permission is needed to express love and pooja. Anuj says permission should be taken if they are staying in someone else’s house. Little Anu jumps with joy, shouting that it’s her birthday. Anuj tells Anupami that they need to visit the temple for the pooja they arranged and the goshala. Maya asks them to leave and let her stay and handle everything. She tells Little Ana that they are having a party tonight. Dimple says it is also Anupama and Anuj’s celebration. Barkha and Dimple say they will help Maya too. Maya says she can handle it herself. Dimple says they are discussing to do it together. Anupama and Maya discuss their love-hate relationship with each other as mothers. Anuj asks Ankush to stay away and watch over Maya. Ankush assures him.

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