Anupama Written Episode Update

Here we will share a written update of the most famous show. Anupama. This show is amazing and outstanding. The latest episode starts with Paritosh getting emotional after seeing his daughter Pari and playing with her while Vanraj declares that he brought Kinjal and Pari back for the family and not for him. He feels bad while Samar and Leela also look at Vanraj. Leela make understands Paritosh about the value of family. Vanraj says to him that he has a chance to save his life.

He says that he has to gain Kinjal’s forgiveness in order to save his family from breaking, while he looks at his wife but she avoids seeing him. Samar and Kavya also stand around the baby while at that time Rakhi comes there and rashers out at Paritosh. She takes the baby and proclaims to take Kinjal and Pari back to her house. She asks that she will not let stay Kinjal for a second and asks Kinjla to come along with her.

Leela stands against Rakhi and declares that Kinjal will not anywhere. She asks Rakhi not to break Kinjal’s married life, to which she gets furious and reminds her about the deeds of Paritosh. She also reminds her of the time when she has thrown out Hansmukh of the house. Hasmukh also tries to make Rakhi understand and proclaims that it should be Kinjal’s decision whether she wants to stay or not. Kinjal decides to stay back in Shah’s house she further says that she is angry with Paritosh, not the other family members.

Rakhi, again and again, tries to make Kinjal understand but the latter stays firm on her decision. Leela decides to make Navratri grandly as this is the first festival of Pari. Hasmukh asks to inform Anupama about it. Anuj praises Anupama to handle the responsibility of the office he says her to handle more responsibilities of the company. She gets teary to think about Kinjal. He consoles her.

Anuj flirts with Anupama in order to change her mood while and she smiles. They spend quality time with each other. Rakhi asks Kinjal to go with her Kinjal gets frustrated. Further, Leela along with the other family members show their worries for Kinal and look after her. They give her suggestions to take a wise decision for herself. She goes to the cupboard and sees Paritosh’s pictures while he comes there and back hugs her. She gets irked and pushes him. She shouts at him.

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