The episode starts with Anupama and Anuj telling about all the entertaining movements they will be operating in Kinjal’s baby shower. They ask everyone to enjoy the ritual and excitedly start the process. Whereas, Adhik shows his batch to Pakhi and insists she put it on his outfit. she carries it from him and attempts to tie it on him.

He requests her to come nearer, while she smiles and reaches near him to set the batch. He flirts with her and then moves away, while Samar notices them and alerts Pakhi to be alert. She gets annoyed by her brother and neglects him. Meanwhile, Anupama along with Rakhi, Barkha, and other women gets Kinjal prepared for the baby shower.

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Here, all the women start doing Kinjal’s makeup and makes her hair. They are all brings elated to see her comfortable, while the latter also gets eager. The females dance around Kinjal’s “Vaari Jawa” song plays. Pakhi informs about Kinjal’s arrival, while everyone gets alert. She arrives at the platform, and everyone praises her.

Kinjal was about to fall due to her saree but Anuj holds her and supports her to walk. Anupama gets relieved, whereas Paritosh gets worried and looks for all the arrangements. Samar relaxes his brother and asks not to fear. He ensures that everything is good absolutely and tells Paritosh to enjoy the baby shower function.

Elsewhere, Paritosh says his emotions with Samar and guilt about not being able to comprehend it before. He shows his pleasure in becoming a father and tells that he can comprehend Vanraj’s duties now. Meanwhile, Anupama tells us to start the baby shower ceremonies.

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Vanraj and Kavya sit jointly while he receives all the photos of the baby shower. He brings thrilled to see it, while at that moment Leela video calls him and displays all the arrangements. He brings pleasure to seeing Kinjal and Paritosh but then becomes irritated noticing Anuj near them. At that time Rakhi arrives there and grabs the phone from Leela.

Ahead, Rakhi foments Vanraj against Anuj and tells them that he is fulfilling the duties of a grandfather. Vanraj gets angry, while Leela is concerned about his irritation. She attempts to stop Rakhi and asks her not to provide incorrect details to Vanraj. Whereas, Barkha appreciates the drama. Meanwhile, Ankush bullies Anuj into becoming a grandfather.

Kinjal and Paritosh say their despair as they skip Vanraj’s company. Whereas, Rakhi notices a receipt and gets angry seeing the bill for shining the pieces of jewelry. She confronts Leela in front of everyone and humiliates her for providing old pieces of jewelry to Kinjal. Anupama takes a stand for Leela and speaks it’s their heirloom, while the latter says some surprising words.

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Further, Hasmukh shows his help towards Leela and asks Rakhi to notice her feelings behind it. He declares it’s a way to show their love and care towards Kinjal, while Rakhi taunts them for making everything touching. Anupama controls the situation and then Leela ties the thread to Kinjal to save her kid. She also whispers her desire into Kinjal’s ears. Rakhi moves to do the function, but Leela stops her and asks Anupama to do it before her, while the latter gets surprised.

Precap:- Barkha offers several costly presents to Kinjal at her baby shower. The last gets shocked seeing it, while Barkha brags about her family situation and teases Leela. Rakhi whispers to the baby asking it to have a style like her, while Leela gets angry and stops Rakhi from making the baby like her. They both get into a debate and start mauling each other. Anupama screams at them and mocks them to resume their battle. She claims to stop the ceremony till their fight gets over.

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