Here we will share a written update of the most famous show. The latest episode starts with Vanraj asking Hasmukh what he should do. He says he wants to get angry with Paritosh for not realizing his mistake. He says Paritosh is losing his common sense but he can let him die. He breaks down. Paritosh blabbers and wants Kinjal back in his life. Shahs ask Paritosh to calm down. Paritosh says Kinjal is at Anupama’s house and she will provoke him and break his family. Vanraj asks Partiosh to control.

Anupama thanks Anuj for keeping their relationship and family separate. Anuj asks Anupama when she will learn to draw lines between the family and relationship. He says he can’t tolerate drama. He asks her to think about his talk and what he said. Leela talks with Vanraj. She urges him to bring Kinjal back home. He says Paritosh did wrong to her and he can’t force her. She says that they can fight but they should be in their place. He says he can’t decide right now and he asks sometimes.

Anuj decides to drop Anu to school. He asks Anupama not to take tension about him. Anupama says she can’t stop worrying about Anuj. Anuj kisses her and says that his day will be good. She says also kisses him and says the same. Anu says to Anupama and Anuj if they are done with their goodbye kisses then they can leave as she is getting late. They got awkward. Vanraj and Leela visit Anupama. She asks them the reason for their presence. Leela says she wants to see Arya and Vanraj want to talk with Kinjal.

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She tells Anuj about their presence and he thinks Vanraj and Leela should not do any drama. He asks her if he can talk to Kinjal. Anupama says to Vanraj that he can talk with Kinjal. Anupama says to Vanraj that Kinjal is his daughter too and he can talk. He tries to convince Kinjal to come back. Anupama hears their conversation. She decides to cross a line and she decided to speak for Kinjal.

Hasmuk gets angry with Vanraj and Leela for visiting Anupama’s place. He thinks both will do drama. Anupama stops Vanraj and Leela for instigating Kinjal. She says to them that decides her but own. He gets angry to interrupt his talk. Anupama says he is trying to manipulate Kinjal. She asks Kinjal to go back with Shahs only if she wants not because Paritosh will harm himself. Kinjal is perplexed. Episode ends.

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