Here we are sharing a written update of the latest of the favorite show Anupama. This show has become a most watchable show. People don’t want a single episode of Anupama. According to the Promo videos show is running with the thrilling points. In today’s episode, Anupama sees and observes that Pakhi is busy over the phone. She thinks about Pakhi and Adhik’s friendship. She decides to talk with her. Anupama says there is no difference between boy and girl such friendship exists. Barkha gets angry and Ankush accepts Babpu Ji’s invitation.

She says that shah is not classy so she doesn’t want any relationship with them. Ankush says Hsamukh lovingly invited them as they invited them too. She says that that was just a formality. Sara side Ankush and argues with Barkha for disrespecting the relationship. Sara says why all can’t stay together. Sara says if none will come then she will go along with her father.

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Adhik suggests Barkha visit shah’s house because it is important to be in good books. Barkha understands Adhik. Anupama divides work among all the members of the family. She says along with Kinju, rituals will be performed for Toshu too. Kinjal and Toshu get exhilarated. Shah gets happy and overjoyed for the baby shower. Leela says no one is missing Kavya and Vanraj. Anu says that they should also attend the ritual as they have a right as well. Leela listen to Anu’s words.

Pakhi texts Adhik and says she can’t wait to meet him. Anupama notices Pakhi with mobile again. She stands tensed. Kavya asks Vanraj if he is ready for the presentation. Vanraj talks about the baby shower and says all the family might be doing preparation. Additionally, he says that Kinjal might be busy selecting her dress for the function. Kavya gets stunned to listen to his words. He realizes and gets correct himself and says yes his presentation is ready.

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Kavya says to Vanraj that it is good to vent out sometimes. Vanraj says to Kavya how the pain of a father is overlooked because of the responsibilities. Kavya says to Vanraj that a Job is essential but a baby shower is also very important. Leela prepares Duppta for Kinjal. Bapuji asks Leela to sleep. Leela asks Hasmukh to bring her bangles to give Kinjal. Hasmukh says to Leela why she hides her motherly love behind her anger.

Leela thinks if anything happens wrong in the baby shower then Anu will be responsible for this at the baby shower. Barkha thinks if anybody says anything to her then she will give them an answerback. Anu worries about what will happen when Barkha, Leela, and Rakhi will come together under one roof. She thinks that she will have to care for everything. Anuj flirts romantically with Anu. Both praise each other. Samar comes and informs Anupama that all arrangements have been completed. Anupama gets stressed about the function. Samar consoles her. Kinjal gets happy about the baby shower with Paritosh. Episode ends.

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