Anupama Today Episode Updates

In today’s episode, the teacher informs the kids that she will assign homework before the Diwali break. Anupama believes she also presented a lecture in class. Vanraj dials Anupama’s number. Anupama withdraws from the class. She gets a phone call from Vanraj. Vanraj tells Anupama that he has to discuss something essential with her concerning Pakhi. Anupama informs Vanraj that she would be at class three days a week and will not take any calls.

Vanraj inquires Anupama why Pakhi is not essential to her. Pakhi, according to Anupama, is not a child who requires her assistance. She adds that if Pakhi can battle for her marriage, mistreat her mother, or lie to her family, she can wait as well. Vanraj asks Anupama whether she will disregard her children for her studies. Anupama instructs Vanraj to look after Pakhi till she arrives. Pakhi, she says, is an adult who doesn’t need a mother. Anupama makes the decision not to discuss her college experience with anybody.

Leela and Vanraj are enraged by Anupama’s selfishness. They believe Anupama should not have attended college. Leela claims that Baa and Hasmuk intended to send Anupama, however she was always opposed to the idea. Vanraj decides to stand with Leela and calls Anuj to beg him to fetch Anupama. Hasmuk requests that Vanraj refrains from calling Anupama because she has a family and a life of her own. Leela believes Anupama is self-centered. According to Hasmuk, there is nothing wrong with being selfish. He requests that Vanraj and Leela not bother Anupama. Vanraj decides to oppose Hasmuk.

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Anupama emerges from the classroom. She composes a love letter for Anuj. Anuj is overjoyed when he receives the letter. Adhik confronts Barkha about telling Shahs the truth. He inquires of Barkha as to the necessity. Barkha claims that after Anupama, she is unable to bear her daughter as the house’s daughter-in-law. Ankush opposes Barkha. Adhik is threatening Barkha. He makes the decision to marry Pakhi at whatever cost. Barkha is taken aback.

Anupama has lunch with her classmates. Anuj is ecstatic about having a collegiate relationship with Anupama. Vanraj is lectured by Kavya against becoming enraged over the incident. Anupama is pleased to be attending college. She expresses gratitude to Anuj. Anuj is sorry for not sending Anupama to college earlier. Anupama commends Anuj for always being present. Anuj has a crush on Anupama. Anupama and Anuj have fun together.

Anu is waiting for Anupama. She told GK she had composed a welcoming poem for Anupama. Ankush requests that Barkha refrain from creating a disturbance today. Anupama is overjoyed as Anu reads her a poem. GK, Anuj, Anu, and Ankush inquire about Anupama’s 1st day. Anupama talks about her first college experience. She then chooses to get ready for Diwali. Adhik meets Pakhi in secret. Leela invites Anupama to join her. Anupama refuses to see the Shahs. Hasmuk begs Anupama to come with him.

Precap: Vanraj decides to send Pakhi to another city. Adhik requests that Anuj do anything to stop Pakhi.

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