Ankush and Barkha get on their knees to apologize to Anupama in today’s episode. Anupama is agitated. Anuj robs them of their sight. Anupama encourages Ankush and Barkha not to apologize, but to preserve the ecosystem for Anuj’s sake. Ankush and Barkha apologize to Anupama once more and beg if they can remain. Anupama claims that Anuj will make the choice. Anuj informs Anukush and Barkha that they must do one more task.

Adhik offers marriage to Pakhi. Pakhi is aggressive. Adhik and Pakhi like spending time together. Leela is on the lookout for a girl for Samar. Hasmuk questions Leela about her haste to find a marriage for Samar. Leela explains that it is the first time she has had the chance to invite her preferred daughter-in-law. She extols Anupama’s virtues. Kinjal claims Leela desires a female like Anupama. Hasmuk believes that no one can be like Anupama. Leela agrees and asks what they may anticipate if Pakhi doesn’t resemble Anupama. Pakhi informs Leela that she is listening. Paritosh tells Pakhi that Leela wants her to hear just what she says.

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Leela is taken aback when she sees Barkha with Ankush. Anupama questions Anuj about sending Ankush and Barkha to Shahs. Anuj believes it is critical to make Ankush and Barkha recognize their error or else they will backstab once more. Anupama advises Anuj not to be stressed. Leela gives Barkha and Ankush a hard time. Vanraj inquires about the motive for Barkha and Ankush’s presence. Ankush and Barkha say they’ve come to apologize to Vanraj.

Vanraj refuses to accept Barkha and Ankush’s excuses. Pakhi believes that if Vanraj forgives Ankush and Barkha, Anuj would not send Adhik, Barkha, and Ankush to the United States. Vanraj motions for Ankush and Barkha to go. Ankush claims they were unaware that Shahs handle people who come to beg an apology badly. Vanraj emphasizes that Barkha and Ankush aren’t apologetic at all. He wants them both to go. Ankush advises Vanraj not to be rude since he could need them one day. Vanraj claims that such a day would never happen. Pakhi is tensed up.

Barkha and Ankush are offended. Ankush feels sorry he listened to Barkha. Anu, Barkha, and Anupama like playing badminton. Anuj is unable to grip the racket. Anupama enhances Anuj’s confidence. Anuj manages to keep the racket in his grip. Anupama and Anuj like playing with Anu. Ankush and Barkha are back. They are irritated to see Anupama, Anu, and Anuj together.

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