We are sharing a written update of the most favorite show. This show has become the most watchable show. The show has gained an immense fan following. The latest is going to be thrilling. You will see it in the next episode. Anupama comes to the house and she takes the brush from the Bapu Ji’s hands. She avenges Rakhi by brushing her feet with the floor cleaner. Rakhi gets angry. Anupama says Rakhi knows very well that none walks into Shah’s house with the shoe but she comes with the shoe. She cleans the floor. Leela asks Anupama why she is cleaning the Floor. Anupama says let her do it. Anuj says to Bapu Ji that he should go to the park with GK.

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Rakhi starts her usual taunts Anupama for cleaning the floor after being the Kapadia. Anu says to Kinjal’s mother don’t judge the hard work. Rakhi says she knows how her Jethani disrespected Shah at the house warming party. Kinjal takes the side of Anupama and asks Rakhi is unaware of how Anupama handled the situation. Rakhi asks Kinjal where she has been. Kinjal mentioned that she is from Anupama’s place. Pakhi talks with Adhik over call. Adhik tries to impress her and says that he likes to talk with her. You will see Rakhi will announce the Kinjal’s baby shower at her house.

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Anu and Leela stand against Rakhi. They want Rakhi to do the baby shower at Shah’s house. She argues with Leela and Anu. Anu says Vanraj and Kavya have gone outside, so the baby shower can postpone. Rakhi gets unshakeable. KInjal speaks from Anu and Leela’s side. Rakhi gets angry and says if shah will chose a place then the day she will choose a baby shower. Anu agrees with Rakhi. Rakhi asks shah to start the preparation for the baby shower the soonest.

Leela says Vanraj and Kavya are not here. Rakhi announced that Kinjal’s baby shower will be held on next day. Anupama and Anuj says her to be calm and that they will handle all the things and preparation. Bapu Ji decides to talk to Vanraj and Leela. Rakhi taunts that Toshu and Vanraj are jobless and how they will do the preparation.

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Samar says Mr. Shah is not jobless and is running the house. Rakhi asks Samar if he has become the Vanraj’s fan after Anu. Anu asks if she has any problem. Leela says only Anu, Anuj, and GK are invited. She adds Barkha and her family are not invited. Anupama and Anuj Stand shocked. Rakhi gets happy. Bapu Ji says sorry to Anupama and Anuj for Leela’s action.

Barkha says to Anukush that she likes seeing him doing the work. She converses with Ankush and says at Shah’s house some drama might be loading as Vanraj called 26 times. Ankush says that Anu and Anupama are very mature couples. Anu tries to convince Leela to invite Kapdia too. Leela gets adamant. You will see Bapu Ji invite Kapadia for the baby shower. Vanraj got knows about the baby shower ritual function. Leela decides to wait for Vanraj’s presence. Episode ends. Stay tuned for more updates.

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