Anupama is the most favorite show of the people. This show gained massive popularity among people. It has gained lots attention of from the Watchers. They don’t want to miss a single episode and wait for every episode. In today’s episode, you will see Vanraj recall Lella Kavya and Anupama’s words towards Pakhi. Barkha says to Pakhi that she is happy as finally, she is going to live with them. Pakhi says post-Vanraj will give a permit for this. Adhik tries to provoke her and says that she is not a kid and doesn’t need permission. They both try to provoke Pakhi. He decides to bring Pakhi’s stuff from the house. Pakhi gets silent. Barkha says to Pakhi that they will enjoy themselves together. Barkha decides to do nail art on Pakhi.

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Anu plays with Anuj. Anuj plays with her and enjoys the feeling of a father, and Anupama sees both of them. She thinks a father knows how to control tears but a mother can’t do this. She goes to them. Anu decides to share the cake with the other family members. Anuj says sorry to Anupama for stopping her daughter Pakhi. He further says being her daughter he couldn’t give her permission. Anupama says Adhik and Pakhi staying under the same roof can be dangerous and create problems between both families. Anuj says to Anuapama to calm. Vanraj returns home. He asks about Pakhi from Kavya. She says that Pakhi didn’t return yet now. Adhik comes to shah’s house to take Pakhi’s things.

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Kavya says to Leela that Vanraj should not restrict Pakhi too much he is doing wrong doing this. Leela goes from there. Adhik comes and asks Kavya to give Pakhi’s belongings as she will stay in the Kapadia house tonight. Kavya gets concerned thinking about Vanraj’s reaction. Anuja and Anupama spend their quality time together. Anuj kisses Anupama. She decides to tell him about the incident of Anu escaping the mishap but fails. Anu revealed to Anuj the incident. Anuj concerned about Anu and Anupama. He scolds Anupama for not taking the car. Anu asks Anuj not to scold Anupama and she revealed that Leela and Vanraj scolded her too. Anuj says sorry to Anupama. He asks Anupama to stop taking to Vanraj because his temper can be scary for Anu.

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Vanraj asks kavya why she packed Pakhi’s bag. Vanraj meets Adhik. He asks Adhik to go back and he will bring Pakhi’s belongings. Anupama tries to convince Pakhi to return home and she asks her to think about Vanraj’s anger. Barkha interrupts the conversation and tries to provoke Pakhi to go against Anupama. Leela scolds Kavya for allowing Adhik to take Pakhi’s stuff. She says enough to restrict Pakhi. Elsewhere, Barkha asks Anupama not to take tension as she will take care of Pakhi. Anupama says Barkha doesn’t interrupt. Anupama to go back home then Pakhi accuses Anupama. She says no one has an issue with her staying here except Anupama. Anupama gets irked. Stay tuned for more updates.

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