We are going to share the upcoming episode on 24 June 2022 within a written update. We are going to share a written update of the favorite show Anupama. The next episode starts with the Anu and Anuj spending some time and talking about the Vanraj. They hug each other. Anuj says that if he keeps himself in Vanraj’s place then he will also behave like him. He adds that Vanraj did several mistakes that’s why all the mistake looks wrong. If he shows simple anger it looks like huge anger because of his previous mistake because he connects it with the previous mistake. Anupama says he was a wrong person and a negative person even still he is a negative person. However, he loves his children and family. He has a fear to lose his family, that’s why he is behaving over possessively.

Anuj agrees with her but he says that Vanraj can do anything, if he wants to shout, angry so he can but not on his wife Anu. He will not bear this. Anu recalls the words of Anuj when he said that if he dies or goes somewhere so Anu has to handle her fight by herself. She can’t be Anu as past Anu. She held his shirt and says what he said that he can die or and she stops herself by saying these words and started crying. She scolds her and she can’t live without him. If he is with her then she is alive other she will die. The talks cutely and talks about the fight.

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On the other hand, Adhik calls Pakhi and asks her if that is fine. She gets excited and says has hr made a call for just this. He says yes, and Pakhi says yes she is fine. He says this family drama was too hard. He asks her if they can meet she gets excited. He says his father can be angry so we should meet outside. She says ye for coffee. He says if she will uneasy or does not feel sleepy so she can call her anytime. Pakhi gets very excited.

On the other side, you will see that Anu and Anuj talk as a good cute couple. You will see Barakah talking with Anu and saying to share with her all the problems. She says that she will talk to Anuj. She says that these fights are very normal between couples. Suddenly, Anuj comes with her favorite candle. Barkha was shocked to see this. Anu taunts her that neither she put more salt nor neither she let put anyone.

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Suddenly Kinjal feels strange then Anu and Anuj come to her. Barkha and Adhik talk to each other about Anupama’s business. barkha says Anupama is very lucky. Adhik says that she fears that Sara and Adhik will not get anything from this house. He says don’t worry and goes from there.

You will see Anuj makes Laddu for Kinjal and Anu asks why is he making Laduu he says because Kinjal can’t go with the empty hand from her mother’s house. She gets happy. Anu asks, will everything be fine between the families. Vanraj calls Baa and asks that Kinjal arrives at the house. Barkha gives flowers to Kinjal. Barkha taunts next time come with Vanraj.

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Bapu JI tries to help Leela with house chores. Kinjal’s mother comes and starts her taunts. She sits on Sofa. Anupama comes and sees him work he gets emotional. Kinjal’s mother says that she is organizing God Bharai of Kinjal in her house. Everyone gets stunned to hear this. Episode ends.

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