Here we are sharing a written update of the most popular show. This show starts with Barkh saying to Kinjal that Paritosh will keep betraying her. She says that Paritosh is Vanraj’s blood. She advises her to give a divorce and move in her life like Anupama. Kinjal says to Barkha that she doesn’t want to talk about Paritosh anymore. She says her if she wants to talk to her anymore she is here for her. Anuj on video call asks Anupama what she is doing. She tells that she is waiting for Anu outside her art class. Kinjal comes crying and says to Anuj that Arya’s throat has been choked. She sees her on a video call and asks her to come back. Anupama give advice to Kinjal to pat Arya’s back. Kinjal asks Anupama to come back.

Leela scolds Samar for leaving Paritosh at his friend’s house. She asks Samar to take her to Paritosh. Leela gets furious with Kinjal too for leaving the house. Varnraj asks Leela to let Kinjal calm and then they will talk further. She asks Vanraj to bring Paritosh. She says that Paritosh made a mistake and they should forgive him. Kinjal cries and she asks him to make a call to Anupama because Arya is crying continuously. Anuj decide to call Anupama. He falls down on the floor. Anupama arrives and she sees Anuj and gets worried.

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She gets stressed seeing Arya. Anupama stands crying. Paritosh makes a call to Vanraj. He questions Vanraj why he was excused and none is forgiving him for the same mistake. Vanraj sits with mum. Paritosh says to Vanraj that Anupama and he ruined his life and now he will do something big. Vanraj is stressed. Paritosh tries to attempt suicide. Anupama cries and thinks she failed as a mother, in-law, and wife. She cries Kinjal and Anuj try to calm her but she gets out of control.

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Vanraj calls Anupama to enquire about Paritosh. He doesn’t tell the actual truth and asks her not to be stressed. Vanraj’s dream Samar gave him the news of Paritosh’s suicide. In reality, Samar tells Vanraj that Paritosh is fine. Vanraj worries for Paritosh. Leela overhears Vanraj and Samar’s talk. Anuj and Kinjal put Anupama to sleep. Kinjal decides to leave the house. Anuj stops her and asks her to stay back. Leela prepares to bid adieu to ancestors and explains to Kavya about Pritpaksh. Stay tuned for more updates.

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