We are sharing a written update of the most popular show Anupama. This show is running with the great TRP on television. This serial has gained great TRP on television. This show has become the most watchable show. You will see in the upcoming show, that Anuj says to Anupama that he doesn’t like it if Leela or Vanraj raises their voice toward her. Anuj asks her to stay away from Shah’s family for a few days. This is not the right time to meet with the Shah family.

He can’t bear if Vanraj raises on her. He can bear it only in limitation but after crossing the limitation, he will not live in Vanraj. Anuj says that Kinjal is pregnant and she can’t make distance from them. Additionally, she said that she will handle Vanraj. Anuj asks her if, for the past 26 years she handled Vanraj. Adhik and Barakha get smirk to watch their fight.

Pakhi says to Vanraj that he is accusing her of Bhabhi being Anuapama’s place after the accident. Vanraj teaches lessons to Pakhi for her misbehavior. Leela got to know the matter and gets shocked to know the miss happening with Kinjal. Pakhi says that visiting Anupama’s house is not wrong. Vanraj says to Pakhi don’t argue with him. Pakhi leaves from there. Vanraj says to Bapu JI that his parents feel ashamed to live with him. All gets stand emotional.


Anupama and Anuj argue with each other. Anuj says that whatever happened all was by mistake. Anyone has no-fault behind this incident. Vanraj accuses her of no reason. Anu says her children are the reason to bear Vanraj. Anuj says stop defending Vanraj. Anuj asks Anu to make the distance sometimes. He can’t see her beg sorry anyone. She denies that she can’t make distance from her kids. Vanraj says he always thought there is something between him and Anupama but he was not right.

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Barkha tries to take advantage of the situation and makes Anu understand that because of Shah she is ignoring Anuj. She has concern for the Shah family even though she has a right to speak up for Anuj. Anuj thinks Anu is good and she thinks that all are the same. Anu says he can’t see her weak in front of anyone.

Anupama recalls Barkha’s word and cries. Ankush says that Brakha was trying to add fuel to the fire. Barkha denies. Sara supports Ankush and says the same and usual fight starts between them. Barkha says to Sara not to worry as fights bring a couple closer. Sara asks why Ankush and she have distance and can’t see love. She leaves from there. Anuj and Anupama say sorry to each other.

Kavya tries to calm Pakhi and says to talk to each other. Barkha says to Anupama not to worry and she consoles her. Fighting is normal between couples. Anu says she doesn’t permit others to advantage of her condition. She stuns Barkha by telling GK to check the account and that something is wrong with the amount she invested in interior design.

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