anupama 22 june episode

Here we are going to share a written update of Anupama’s 22nd June 2022 fantastic show. This show is going to be very thrilling and outstanding. This show has gained massive popularity among people. This show is running on the top TRP. The latest episode starts with, Vanraj asking Anupam to say something. Anuj says that Kinjal and her baby are fine. Toshu and Vanraj ask Kinjal if she is alright.

Kinjal says yes and cries. Ankush asks if there is no problem and Kinjal is also fine then why Anu and Kinjal are crying. Anuj tells Anu is crying because of guilt and Kinjal crying because of fear of losing her child. He says a mother is always scared for her kids. Anuj asks Anu and Kinjal to stop crying. Bapu Ji asks both of them to stop crying as if everything is okay.

Vanraj shouts at Anu, Anuj gets angry to see this and says he can’t say anything to his Anu. He will not bear this. Even no one can’t say anything to Anupama. Vanraj arraigned Anupama for overlooking her responsibility post becoming Kapadia. He asks Anu if she can’t take care of Kinjal. Anuj tells him she has no fault in this incident. Anuj says he can understand his feeling and situation that’s why he is not saying anything. Bapu Ji interrupts and takes Anupama’s side. He says Kinjal is fine so there is no need to argue. Kavya also calms Vanraj.

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Vanraj says Kavya for interrupting. Anu decides to take Kinjal with her. Anupama. Anu says that Kinjal will go with her to her house. Vanraj refuses and says his kids and grandchildren will not go to Anupama’s place. Kinjal says she wants to go with Anu. Vanraj assigned Kinjals request. Anuj asks Toshu to stay back with Kinjal. Vanraj says Kinjal should return safely to Shah’s house by morning. Anu says that she will not let down anyone’s trust. Vanraj says they can’t believe Anu anymore. She gets emotional.

Shah goes from Kapdia’s house. Samar is concerned Leela and Mr shah will create more drama after this incident. Bapu Ji says to Samar Vanraj is scared of losing everything to Anu more than a drama. Vanraj drives a car in anger. Anupama and Toshu console Kinjal. Barkha says sorry to her for bumping her unintentionally. They forgive her. She says if they need anything they can ring the bell. They say they have no need for a bell they have a habit to call Anupama by shouting. Anupama prays for Kinjal and the baby.

Barkha advises Anu to send Kinjal home for her own safety. Anuj side Anu. He gets angry and says that he can’t bear the drama of Vanraj at his house. Anu gets stressed. Vanraj asks Pakhi if she is ashamed to going Shah’s house. Kavya tries to calm down Vanraj. He scolds Pakhi for going to Anupama’s house. Pakhi takes the side of her mother. Barkah manipulates Anuj. He decides to drop Kinjal home to avoid moreover drama by Vanraj. Episode Ends. Stay tuned for more updates.

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