Anupama Written Episode Update

In today’s episode, Vanraj reveals that Pakhi would not be permitted to visit the Shah residence. He requests that the conversation be terminated. Anuj urges Vanraj to reconsider. Vanraj approaches Anuj for help, as well as Adhik and Pakhi. He tells Anuj that he should become Pakhi’s dad and not demand anything from him. Vanraj will not accept Pakhi or Adhik.

He also states that he would never forget Pakhi and Adhik’s marriage. Hasmuk claims that Vanraj is incapable of comprehending anything. He requests that Anuj take care of Pakhi. In front of Anuj, Hasmuk folds his hand. Hasmuk is asked not to make a request to Anuj. Hasmuk refuses to accept Pakhi due to Vanraj’s rage. He requests that Anuj accompany him. Hasmuk assigns Pakhi’s responsibilities to Anupama and Anuj.

Anupama and Anuj are persuaded to take Pakhi by Kavya, Leela, and Samar. Pakhi’s marriage, according to Leela, is not happy. Anupama sobs as she cuddles Leela. Hasmuk requests that Anupama bring Pakhi with her because her home is now Pakhi’s as well. He urges Anupama to console herself so he may take up Pakhi’s responsibilities. Hasmuk invites Anupama to embark on a fresh journey in the New Year. Anupama asks God for the courage to deal with the current predicament. She advises Shahs to look for themselves.

Kavya is upset that Anupama has to accept her daughter into her home. Anupama and Anuj make the decision to return home. Pakhi inquires Anupama about them. She inquires as to their destination. Anupama requests that Pakhi join her at her house. Pakhi inquires Anupama whether she forgives her. No, says Anupama. She criticizes Pakhi and Adhik for marrying without considering the repercussions. Pakhi, according to Anupama, took their affection for granted. She chooses to bring Pakhi and Adhik to the Kapadia residence.

Anuj tries to assist Pakhi and Adhik in selecting their suitcases. Anupama comes to a halt and requests that Anuj allow Pakhi and Adhik to carry their weight. Pakhi is going to collapse. Adhik believes in Pakhi. Anupama decides to teach Pakhi a lesson. Anupama chauffeurs Pakhi and Adhik. Samar will not let Pakhi leave. He runs into Pakhi. Pakhi begs Samar’s forgiveness. Adhik assures Samar that he will look after Pakhi. Samar warns Adhik not to say anything further or he will not forgive him. Samar requests that Pakhi pay attention to Anupama.

Adhik begs Samar to believe in him. Samar believes that trust must be earned. Adhik requests that Samar give him an opportunity to earn their confidence. Anu asks Pakhi if she wants to join them. Anuj informs Anu that Pakhi and Adhik will remain with them.

Precap: Barkha lashes out at Pakhi and Adhik. Anupama delegated authority for Adhik and Pakhi to Anuj.

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