Here we are going to talk about the Popular show Anupama. This show is mainly famous because of Anupama and her struggling life. She is an inspiration for other ladies who are like her. You will see in the latest episode that Vanraj asks Anuj to take Anu and Anupama and leave the place. Anuj makes shahs recall how he saved their house and Anupama took a stand when Leela threw Hasmukh out of the house. Vanraj asks Anuj to stop his drama and lecture and he says he doesn’t want to listen to his lecture. Anuj says he will not go anywhere before completing his talk. He feels pity as Paritosh is shameless because he leaving the shah house and living in the penthouse, which is gifted by Rakhi.

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He says Paritosh wanted to abort his child and gets angry. Anuj highlights even Pakhi is an immature child and can’t expect maturity from her. Vanraj gets irritated and angry at Anuj’s talk for speaking against his children. Anuj says that he can’t listen to anything against Anupama and Anu’s insult. They both fight. Anupama asks Vanraj and Anuj to stop the fight. Leela asks Anupama that she feared the same and asks the latter to leave. Pakhi and Paritosh say Anupama does everything according to her. They say Anupama will not leave the house instead. Kinjal and Kavya request Anupama to not go away from them because of other members of the shah family.

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Kavya says a mother is not valued until she goes far and alerts Pakhi. Then a shocking point comes when Anupama announces to never come back to shah’s house. Anuj holds Anupama’s hand and asks her to accompany him. Anupama asks 2 minutes before living the house. He says that he will wait for her. He thinks he will never make up with Shah. He recalls Anupama’s by shah’s and gets furious. Vanraj asks Anupama to leave. She says that she wants to with the shah’s lady before going. Vanraj permits her.

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Anu asks Hasmukh to tell her a story. Hasmukh tells a story to Anu. Anupama says that she hurts her too much but she can’t hate her back. She further says she doesn’t want to fight at shah’s house but she can’t understand how to break the mother and daughter relationship. Anupama apologizes to Pakhi for being her mother. She says sorry to Leela for Anuj’s behavior. Anupama wishes she never show up to shah.

Rakhi assures Anupama that in her absence she will take care of Kinjal. Kinjal requested Anupama to not leave. Anupama consoles her. She says that a mother leaves the house when she breaks from her inner soul. She asks her Kinjal not to cry. She prays to God that Kinjal should not see a day like her becoming a mother. Kavya, Rakhi, Kinjal gets emotional. Let’s see what will happen next in the show. Stay connected with us for more updates.

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