Anupama 19th September 2022 Written Update

Here we will share a written update on the most famous show Anupama. The latest episode starts with Anupama asking Anujif she didn’t do anything wrong. Anuj side Anupama. Anupama regrets exposing Paritosh in front of a family. Anuj supports her and said this is a lesson for other children. She asks about having dinner he gets happy to see that she has concern after all the drama. Leela breaks the nuts. Hasmukh asks Leela what is the entire matter. Leela says she can’t break anyone’s face so she is breaking the nuts. She blames Anupama for breaking into Vanraj and Paritosh’s house.

Hasmukh asks Leela not to accuse Anupama she has no fault. Anupama and Anuj have food. Vanraj comes and asks Anupama to go back home. e says even Barkha, Adhir, and Ankush are sitting mum. Anuj says her to stay at Shah’s house she recalls the talk of the doctor and she refuses to stay. Anuj says that GK and other family members are with him. Vanraj says that he will send Samar with Anuj as she doesn’t want to give responsibility to GK. They convince Anupama. Anupama talks to Anu. Anu also allows her. Anuj says to Vanraj that it is useless to talk with Leela.

Anupama 19th September Written Update

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He asks Vanraj to make Leela understand that Anupama is staying here for Kinjal and Arya and not to bear her taunt. Hasmuk asks Anupama if she is fine. She asks him why good people have to bear this. Hasmukh says to Anupama that many time lady has to complete various roles. He asks Anupama if it is good to cry out loud. Kinjal breaks down. Kavya calls out Anupama asks Kavya to take care of Arya. Kinjal asks why Paritosh betrayed her. Anupama calm down Kinjal. Kavya cries then Dolly and Leela ask her why is she crying. Kavya tells Shahs that Kinjal is not fine.

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Shahs worry for KInjal. Anupama put Kinjal to sleep. She further says mother can’t be helpless. Anupama says Kinjal needs to fight back. Vanraj asks Anupama about Kinjal. Anupama says Kinjal is sleeping and how she will react post walking up is a mystery. She talks to Arya and says Kinjal needs to gear up. Vanraj and Kavya regret betraying Anupama and think about the past. Anuj put Anu to sleep. Anupama recalls Vanraj’s betrayal and looks at Kinjal. Stay tuned for more updates.

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