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Anupama confronts Anuj for disconnecting from everyone and bothering himself. Anuj ignores her. Anupama asks him to fight her or do anything but not to speak. Anuj tries to leave. Anupama begs him to talk to her. Anuj refuses to speak. Anupama says Little Anu has gone with his wish and when he wants her happiness why is he behaving like this; Little Anu will soon be back to meet them. She continues to coax him and asks if he has gone mad. Anuj breaks things and says he has gone mad. Anupama asks him to break more things but talk to her. Anuj shouts that he doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Barkha, Ankush and Dimpy are going. Anuj shouts how can everyone react normally, he can’t as he has lost his only daughter. He says Anupama promised him they wouldn’t let Little Ana go, but didn’t even try to stop her and even stopped him saying they shouldn’t bother her; she did not, since she has three children with her; he suffocates in this house, because he draws his daughter everywhere; it reminds him of his helplessness and defeat, Maya took his daughter away in just 15 days; Anupama can fight the whole world for her children then why didn’t she fight only one Maya for his daughter. Anupama stands speechless.

Barkha tries to stop Anuj. Anuj warns her not to interfere and tells Anupami that she has not only sent Little Anu away from him, she has also sent herself away from him; she reminds him of his defeat; she was his pride and life, but now the main cause of his loss; it is difficult for him to even look at her and tolerate her; their relationship and love means nothing to him and he has lost faith in everything. Anupama asks if he trusts her at least. Anuj he used to be, but not now; he couldn’t breathe without her before, but now he can’t breathe in her presence. Anupama stands heartbroken. Dheeraj and Devika walk in their usual cheerful style and say they are back. Anuj leaves from there. Anupama stumbles. Devika holds Anupama. Anupama breaks down holding her.

Devika after hearing Anupama’s story asks how could she let Little Anu go with Maya, she would have broken Maya if she was here. She asks why is she hiding her pain and tries to console Anuj. Anupama says she can understand Anuj’s pain, he doesn’t even know what he is doing. Dheeraj scolds Anuj for blaming Anupama for Little Anu’s departure. Anuj says who else are they to blame, Anupama did a 15 day challenge with Maya and allowed her to stay in their house. Dheeraj says that Maaya is Little Anu’s biological mother and if they went to court, she would win the case; Anupama understood this but does not want to accept the truth. Anuj tries to leave. Dheeraj stops him and says he is making a mistake and asks him not to lose Anupama so easily.

Anupama continues to share her grief with Devika and cries profusely. She asks Devika to do something and put Anuj out of this grief or else something will happen to him. Devika says everything will be fine, says they came here to give good news. Anupama asks what is it. Dheeraj holds Anuj tightly. Anuj resists. Dheeraj says he and Devika came here to play with them in the hall and share the good news that they have decided to get married. Anuj calms down. Dheeraj says he was thinking of second marriage after seeing Anuj and Anupama’s bond, but seeing them now, he wants to smash Anuj’s face. Anuj apologizes and says that he and Devika deserve to be happy. Dheeraj says even Anuj and Anupama deserve happiness; Little Anu is gone but with him is Anupama whom he got after 26 years and has to let her go so easily.

Preparation: Dheeraj asks the Kapadias what their plans are for holi. Barkha says this is Anuj and Anupama’s first holi after marriage. Anupama says it’s Pari, Pakhi and Adhik’s first holi after marriage. Anuj walks away from there and asks her how could she forget everything and move on so easily. Anupama sits and cries.

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