Anumpa is famous in India this has gained huge popularity among people. This shows trends on top TRP. Makers are making amazing with the new twists. Today we will tell you what will happen in the next episode, you will see the next episode Anupama cooks. Anupama cooks. she tells her that she will not take online classes and she asks the student to come to the academy.

Barkha comes and angrily scolds Kamal for not properly arranging the kitchen. Anupma asks Barkha not to scold Kamaal because she has arranged the kitchen according to her. She says to Barkha that the kitchen is her old friend. All the family members come and ask about the cooking dish. She tells that she is preparing sweets for Krishna.

Anuj and Ankush get excited. Barkha gets irritated. Samar confronts Pakhi about wrong behavior with Vanraj. Paritosh also says to Pakhi to be careful while using your words. Samar says she behaves like a kid who gets attracted to the gifts of her relatives. Pakhi says to Samar Samar he can think whatever he wants but she will not go to stop at Anupama’s place. Pakhi sees that Adhik has started following her on social media. Pakhi gets happy and more excited to visit Anupama’s house.

Anuj, Ankush gets excited to eat sweet. GK joins them. Barkha makes faces seeing GK eating in the same bawl. Adhik and Barkha look to GK. she asks the former to take a separate bowl for eating. GK realizes Barkha’s reaction. Barkha gives the signal to talk about business. Ankush asks Anuj if he can too join his business. He further says that Anupama will give the confirmation. Anupama gets stunned. Barkha and Ankush also get shocked.

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Pakhi gets hurt. Vanraj gets concerns for Pakhi. Pakhi says to Vanraj that she got punishment for misbehaving with him. Vanraj forgives Pakhi. Pakhi shows the photo in a newspaper from Anuj’s party. Vanraj thinks that Anu’s status will interrupt their kid’s life.

Ankush and Anujgets get excited to work together. Anuj says that GK will understand their essential work. Barkha and Ankush get shocked. Anupama gets angry with Anuj for asking her permission whether Ankush can join the business. Later, Anuj shares with Anupama that money separates good relationships. Anuj is worried to work with Ankush. It might create differences in their relationship. She assures him.

Barkha wishes food luck to Ankush. She asks Ankush to work well. Ankush gets excited to restart the work. Anu feeds curd to them. Ankush says thanks to Anupama. Vanraj gets to know about Pakhi and his friendship. Later, Sara, Barkha, and Adhik learn that Anupama is not a housewife and runs a dance academy. They get stunned to know this. Barkha asks Adhik to get close to Anu’s kids. GK hears this. Sara invites Shah’s family. Vanraj says no to going to Anupama’s house. Barkha is planning something against Anu. She wants to trouble her. Let’s see what will happen next in the show. Stay tuned for more updates.

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