Here we are talking about a famous show Anupama. This show is running with great TRP on television. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very entertaining. Anuj said to Anupama that she is amazing and confident. They both hug each other. Kavya shares with Vanraj that she was thinking that if Anupama left the house then she will break down but nothing happened like that, she says that Anupama is the toughest woman and she has confidence despite being Kapadia she will always be ‘Anupama’. Kavya says to Vanraj to be happy with the happiness of Anu and Anuj. She tries to make him understand that Anupama will never hurt anyone with the intention. Vanraj also agrees with his wife. He is concerned that not Anuj or Anupama but their family can create a problem for them.

Kavya decides to serve food to Vanraj. Vanraj says thanks to Kavya for being with him. She blushes. Anu eats sweets brought by his father and gets emotional. Barkha welcome Anuj. He alerts her indirectly. He asks her not to suffer Anu if she will be in pain then he will feel more pain than her. She says she is not able to understand his words. He says she is an educated person and she knows what is he trying to make her understand. Barkha stands shocked.

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Anupama wakes up and she gets happy to see the Tulsi plant in the house. She gets impressed with Anuj and GK. She prays to God for both the families’ happiness. Barkha talks to Ankush and tells him everything. Anu prays to God for both the families’ happiness. She gets annoyed at seeing Tulsi Plant at the house. Ankush admires Anu. He says her don’t cranky about everything. She asks him f he thinks she always begins the fight. She stops Anu and takes about the Tulsi plant. She tells about the Tulsi plant and she gets irritated. Ankush gets impressed again after listening to her.

Pakhi says to all the family about the Anu’s house and praises the house. She tells her she will spend half of the day at Anupama’s house. Samar says to Pakhi that Shah’s house belongs to her. Baa and Vanraj ask her to stay from Anupama. Samar says to Pakhi that they all know her intention. He says that she doesn’t want to be with Anupama and she is impressed with her house. Pakhi irked and misbehave with Baa and Vanraj.

Anu asks Anuj instead of helping her in the kitchen, he should to the office. She decides to decorate the kitchen. Vanraj says to her she belongs to a middle-class family and that she should accept this. Pakhi taunts all for being middle class and declares that she will go to Anu. She to the family that they can yell at her or can her villain but she will not stop meeting Anupama. Meanwhile, tries to make something in the kitchen but she gets confused then a servant comes and tells her about the automatic kitchen and she thinks to decorate it according to her. Episode ends.

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