Here we are talking about a famous show. This show is running with good TRP on television. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with Barkha apologizing to Hasmukh for insulting him and asking her guest to apologize to him. Guest says sorry to him. Barkha says she will arrange food for them all, walks aside, and apologize to Anupama for the wrong behavior. Anupama also says sorry to her for criticizing her performance in front of everyone. Anuj says Anupama always stands by the truth and he fell in love with her because of her decent qualities. Anupama cant see wrong happenings and will support even Barkha if she is wronged. Ankush asks to forget and let’s move on. Barkha asks Anuj and Anupama not to consider seriously whatever occurred here.

Anupama invites the shah family for the dinner. Vanraj denies it and says they are leaving. Anupama says how is possible that they will go from the worship house. Vanraj says they eat Prasad and didn’t get the part to perform Pooja, so it’s not important for them to eat dinner. Anupama says ups and downs are normal in a new relationship and this is our responsibility to manage them. She cannot let them go without eating dinner. Leela says after all the insults they should go with dignity. Hasmukh blesses Aupama. Anuj requests them to stay but Vanraj says that they can’t stay here after this drama and congratulate them on their news house and live from there. Anuj and Anupama stand sadly seeing that.

Anupama says she lived in a small house, even a beggar didn’t leave her house without eating food. However, her family left her house without having eaten food. Ankush and Barkha say thank god the weird family left the house. Anupama says her family eats bread and milk. Pakhi misses Anu’s food. Anupama gets emotional. She says that she can’t choose one family both families are important to her. Anuj says a bungalow is on sale nearby and he wants to buy it for Ankush and Barkha. Barkha complains to Ankush that they returned to India for the Kapadia family, then why there is no news in the media outlets. She shows the pictures on social media. of Anupama and says they are not seen in the spotlight and tensed for that why Anupama is in lame light, at least Barkha and Sara should be in limelight.

Ankush and Barkha argue with each other and Ankush says to her that she has to accept that Anupama and Anuj are too good and she shouldn’t compare herself to them. Anupama asks Anuj if he is thinking about separation. He says they both love to stay separate because they stay because they live separately for a long time. Separation is better than fights. Ankush says to Barkha that he doesn’t want to separate from his brother. Adhik asks her to think wisely as she is more intelligent than Ankush and has a good business understanding. She should talk about the business. She vents her frustration on Anupama. Adhik is emotional and not stupid. She says she is also not stupid, she is just waiting for the correct time.

Anupama says she just met with her family and he is talking about separating. Anuj says much of the time joint families don’t work, and mostly the emotional person suffers. Vanraj checks his gift and says it is so small. Kavya says Anuj values feelings and not presents. She asks if he is happy for Anupama. He says a lot. Anupama says to him that she doesn’t want separation and she will effort to live together. he waited for 26 years for her and should have had some more patience to have a better family.

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