Here we are sharing a written update of the latest episode. This show has gained massive attention from the people. People curiously wait for the next episode. You will see in the latest episode Barkha says Anuj met with an accident and none complaint to the police. Kavya says there is no need for the inquiry because she is the witness to the accident. Barkha blames kavya that she is trying to stop the investigation because it is against Vanraj. Paritosh asks Barkha what dose she means that initially Vanraj pushed Anuj and jump himself from the cliff. Read all the latest news on

He asks her to think about the logic. Leela counter Barkha. She asks Barkha if she is so concerned about Anju because of his property. Barkha says that she wants to see Vanraj in jail. She adds she is not bothered about who is tagging along with the Vanraj to the jail. She further said she is not bothered about who is tagging along with Vanraj to the prison. Barkha says Vanraj or his parents or kids wants to save him so they can also go to jail. Anupama stops Barkha.

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She side shahs. Barkha gets furious and raises a question on Anupama stops Barkha. She side shahs. Barkha gets furious and raises questions about Anupama’s character. She asks Anupama if she still has a soft corner for Vanraj. Barkha adds that she is on Vanraj’s side. Anupama asks Brkha if she should thank her stars otherwise she will show her when someone raises the question about her character and what she does. Leela says they can also accuse Anuj would have pushed Vanraj and would have fallen later.

Shahs and Kabadia argue with each other. Adhik says Vanraj threatened Anuj in front of all. Paritosh side Vanraj. She is adamant to lodge the report against Vanraj and she asks to all not come in between. Anupama says to Barkha that she can do whatever she wants. She gets a call from the doctor.

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Anuapama runs to see Anuj. Anuj regains consciousness. She gets elated. Anupama asks Anuj to wake up. She ties the bracelet given by Anu. She makes her Anu’s voice message. Anuj opens his eyes and confesses his love for Anupama. Anupama gets happy she also confesses her love. Barkha think is siding with Anuj and Anupama as he is regained consciousness soon. She says Anupama should confirm from Anuj about the cliff accident before he falls asleep again. Anuj recalls the cliff incident and gets restless.

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