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Anupama is a very famous show. People always eagerly wait for the upcoming episode. People love to spend time watching this serial. This is the story of a lady, who wants to do something in her life. Anupama is a show, where you can relate to many things in the community. The latest show will start with Anupama performing the Graha Pravesh ritual and saying she will frame the handprints they all made for the ritual. Sara says the brilliant idea is this. It sounds like modern art. Anuj shows his nameplate with Anupamaa Sadan written on it and on another side Barkha sees her nameplate with Kapadia’s written on it.

Anju says this house is for Anumpa and belongs to her, and this nameplate will be fixed. She says thanks to Anuj. Barkha says other members of the Kapadia will also stay there, so her nameplate should be fixed. Anupama’s name is in his heart, so Anupama’s name will be fixed out of the house. Anupama thanks Barkha as well. Leela asks whom she will respect now. Anupama says both by fixing both nameplates. He agrees with this idea and says this is a brilliant idea. Anupama keeps the name in front of the God and she asks if they can start the celebration now. Sara explains she is the coolest. Pakhi says coolest and the best.

When the party gets over, Anupama asks Hasmukh if he ate food. Hasmukh says that he ate food and medicine and didn’t have any sweets. He praises her house saying that her house is amazing and wonderful. Anupama gets nervous and said she never stayed in such a big house and modern too. She tells that curtains also operated with remort control and how can she handle everything. She nervously tells her all the problems, which she is thinking about.

Hasmukh says people stay in the heart of each other’s hearts and he is happy that she lives in a heart where she receives respect and receives equal rights. Anupama asks how he understands what is in her mind without telling anything. She gets emotional at the time of the conversation. Then Hasmukh says that this is the heart of a father, who can understand everything without words. Then he asks her to go and attend to the guests at the party. You will see more things in the upcoming episode of the upcoming serial.

Ankush bumps Vanraj says him for the drama that occurred at the entrance of the house and befriends him. He appreciates Anupama and says he is stunned to see an ex-husband being cordial with his ex-wife even in India. Vanraj replies when it’s about the kids, parents have to cooperate because family is more important than anything. As we are watching the Anumapa serial has taken amazing twists. Anupama is living all the moments, that she has not lived when she was the wife of Vanraj. Anuj is giving her all the happiness, which she deserves. Stay connected with us for amazing updates.

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