Anupama 15th July 2022 Written Update

Anupama is a popular show running with an outstanding story. This becomes a favorite show among families. We will tell you about the latest episode on 15th July 2022. The latest episode starts with Anu cutting the cake along with Anupama and Anuj. Anu feeds the cake to all. Barkha doesn’t eat the cake. Sara dance along with Anu, Anuj, GK, Ankush. Anu gets emotional. GK says the house was not happy some time ago but now everything is fine. Barkha says to Sara to show the entire house to Anu. Barkha talked with Anuj and Anupama about hiding Anu’s adoption. She gets angry with both Anupama and Anuj. Anuj says other people also hide things. Barkha asks him the meaning.

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Anuj asks Barkha to tell after how many days she disclosed about pregnancy. Barkha says after three months she revealed. Anuj asks the reason for hiding the pregnancy from others. Brakha says that three months are crucial for a lady. Anuj says that’s why he hides the adoption of Anu because her adoption was ongoing. Ankush asks the reason for the adoption as Anupama already has three kids. Anupama says she is a mother of three kids but there is no one who calls Anuj Papa. Additionally, she says that being a mother at this age is complicated and even if it is not then also they would have selected the exact path. Barkha was irked and angry. Anuj tells Barkha that Au and Anupama are an important part of his life their place is on top of his life.

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Anupama asks Anuj what was the reason for giving the answer indirectly to Brakha on hiding the truth. Anuj says he is hurt even though he didn’t confront them. Anupama says to Anuj don’t destroy happiness amid all these. Brakha gets irked. She doubts and thinks if Anuj got to know about the business of America that the business winded up. Ankush says if that would have happened then Anuj would have talked with him. Adhik takes the side of Barkha. Anuj definitely knows something. Barkha says to Anukush that because of his carelessness Anuj and Anupama become foster parents. Ankush goes from there.

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Adhik says to Brakha that Shah should know the truth about Anu and he decides to talk with Pakhi and he will tell to her the truth. Anupama and Anuj show Anu her room. Anu gets elated seeing her room. Anupama and Anuj say to Anu that they will share the room with her. Anu says Krishna bro will live with them too. Anupama and Anuj think to tell Shahs and they got worried to think about their reaction.

Adhik tells Pakhi about Anuj and Anupama fostering a kid. Pakhi discloses to shahs about Anu. Vanraj and others stand surprised to get know about Anupama is going to become a mother again. The family thinks about the matter. You will see Anupama and Anuj will come to Shah’s house. Let’s see what will happen next in the show. Stay tuned for more updates.

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