Anupama 11 october 2022 written update

Here we will share a written update of the most famous show. The latest episode starts with the latest episode Anupama asking Leela if she is enjoying it. Leela says she is enjoying it a lot. Anupama ask Leela what has happened with Barkha. Leela avoids the talk. Anupama says from the past 26 years she has learned to read her face. She asks Leela to open up. Leela shares the pain of Barkha making fun of her low fashion. She says that because of that types of people old people feel comfortable.

She asks her to forget everything and focus on their day out. Leela says to Anupama that she is worrying about Pakhi as she can easily manipulate Vanraj. Anupama thinks Leela is not wrong as Pakhi can make fools easily Vanraj. Rakhi calls Anupama and Leela to pool. Women dance their hearts out. Anuj sing-song and all stops him because of his bad voice. Vanraj sings ‘yeh sham mastani’ song. All the ladies decide to play a game and Leela suggests truth and dare.

Barkha looks for Dolly. Anupama says Dolly is putting Pari and Anu to sleep. She goes to check on Dolly. Anupama decides to make a call to Pakhi. She asks Anupama from whose number she is calling. Anupama says she is calling from the resort. She asks Pakhi to go back home soon before Vanraj learns she is out. She assures Anupama. Adhik shocks Pakhi by telling her that he missed their IDs at the reception.

She gets worried. Adhik asks Pakhi not to worry. Anupama make a call to Anuj. Anuj tells Anupama that he was missing her. The manager gives Pakhi and Adhik’s ID cards to the receptionist and asks them to return them. Anupama was unsuccessful to see the ID cards. She demands she let her talk with Vanraj. Anupama gives the call. Anuj and Anupama guide Vanraj and Kavya on how to flirt.

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