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Anupama 14th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Rakhi tells Leela that she will keep nursing for Tosh full time. Leela screams if she’s crazy. Rakhi asks why this family is creating problems for everyone, they are just keeping the nurse and not giving supari. Leela says why do they need an outsider if they are there to take care of Tosha. Rakhi asks who else will do Kinjal? why should Kinjal serve Tosh, there is a limit to sympathy, she even has to care about Pari and her career. Leela says even she and Vanraj will help. Rahi questions why middle class people have trouble getting help and problems. Kavya supports Rakhi. Rahi says Kinjal’s business clients won’t understand her problem, she has to meet her British clients today. Kinjal says she knows but wants to be with Toshu. Rakhi says she worked hard for 3 months for this meeting and all her hard work will be in vain; it’s also about her and Tosh’s future and career; she doesn’t want to accept my help but at least she has to work to support Shah’s family etc.

Leela shouts again that she already said they don’t need a nurse for Tosh. Kinjal says Rakhi is right; she, Kavya and Samar have to keep an eye on their work and cannot be around Toshu all the time; Leela and Hasmuk are too old to raise Tosha alone, and Wanraj alone cannot help; she has problems with Toshu but she will continue to support him, they really need a nurse; she asks Vanraj to understand her problem. Vanraj agrees and asks her to leave. Leela asks how it will be here. Kavya says they will manage everything. Pakhi says she will take care of Pari. Kinjal gets ready for work and informs Tosh that she will be back soon.

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